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Tuesday 27 December 2011

Good News Day!

Well, forget about maybe not getting good news over the holiday period. 
Here is this week's Good News....


Kylie Griffin
Vengeance Born, has received not one, but two great reviews from big names in the biz! Way to go!

"In Griffin’s well-drawn fantasy world, humans are oppressed and enslaved by the demonic Na’Reish. Annika is a Na’Chi, the result of cross-breeding between the races. She possesses powerful healing powers and her father, Na’Rei Savyr, is leader of the Na’Reish, but she’s nonetheless reviled, considered an abomination. When she rescues Kalan Tyn, leader of the human’s Blade Council, and asks his assistance in freeing the Na’Chi from the Na’Reish, the wheels of romance are deftly set in motion. A complex plot involving the Na’Chi freedom struggles keeps the taut and intricate narrative moving as Annika and Kalan slowly develop their emotional connection. Readers will look forward to future installments in a potentially long-running series. Agent: Elaine Spencer, the Knight Agency. (Feb.)"

RT Book Reviews - 4 stars!

“Enter a bold new series, the Light Blade, where a longstanding war between the demon and human realms rages. Promising new talent Griffin’s characters face danger and hidden secrets that threaten to change the world as they know it. A terrific debut!”


Keri Arthur
Here is the US cover of Darkness Devours, the third book in the Dark Angels series. Fantastic cover! Check out those gorgeous wings.


Eleni Konstantine
Angel Eyes, a modern fantasy short story, has sold to Musa Publishing. It's expected to be paired with Stormy Divide when released in June. 


Lilliana Rose
Lilliana has had not one, but two poems published. Spanish Garden has been published in TAMBA, issue 49. Gone has been published in The Mozzie, Vol 19, Issue 10.

Jenny Schwartz
Jenny has also tried her hand at Steampunk poetry. The Matchgirl Grown Up is on her blog. 

Great news everyone. Congratulations.

Hopefully we will have more good news next week. If not, we'll see you 10th January.


  1. Eleni, your ability to keep up with what we're all doing is incredible! Super congrats on Angel Eyes!

    Yay, to everyone!

    and I now have so many stories to watch out for next year :)

  2. Well to tell you the truth, Jenny. I can't always keep up but do try. A little thing called Google Reader helps me keeps track of my DarkSiders.

    And I love adding more to my TBR pile list from all our members. Good luck with the poetry.


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