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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's Good News....


Shona Husk
Sharing Sirius has a cover. Very nice indeed!


Shona Husk
Goblin King has it's Australian Release on 1st January 2012. And Goblin Prince, the second installment in the series, has a release date of 1st May 2012.

Eleni Konstantine
Stormy Divide, a fantasy short story, will be released with Musa Publishing via their Urania imprint in June 2012.


Nicole Murphy
Nicole has released a short story, Kenyon and Nami, based in the Gadda World, which is where her trilogy The Dream of Asarlai is set. You can find it on Smashwords.

Astrid Cooper
Christmas Creek, a m/m sensual romance has been released this week by Extasy Books.


Peta Crake
Another win for Peta. Harbringer came first in the Paranormal Section of Get Your Stiletto in the Door Contest run by the ChickLit Writers.


Mel Teshco
Something Wicked This Way Comes anthology has received a 5 lips rating from Two Lips Reviews. Here is what they had to say about Dragon Heat:

 "Dragon Heat by Mel Tescho has a lot of twists and turns for such a short story, but I found myself really enjoying it. This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Tescho and it made me wonder what else this author has out there. There is passion, heat, and a dragon you just have to meet."

and a 4 star review from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews.

"Something Wicked This Way Comes has something for just about every romance lover. The stories are all very different, crossing genres and stereotypes, and running through the whole gambit of emotions. Plus lots of Really HOT sex! Sexy shapeshifters, handsome highlanders, cursed tattoos and more."


Maree Anderson
Freaks of Greenfield High has been listed as Featured read on Wattpad

Well done everyone.

With lots of places closing down for the holidays, we may not get news. However, I will keep you posted if anything pops up. Otherwise, we'll be back to our regular edition on Tuesday 10th January.


  1. Wow!!! That Sharing Sirius cover is HOT!!!! Well done Shona =))

  2. Oh wow! So much good news to end the year with. Congrats, everyone :)

  3. Thanks Mel!
    It is a great cover :)


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