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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Magic Thursday - All creatures great and small

What is it about paranormal, supernatural, and/or mythical creatures we love?

The danger, the unknown, the power, the sense of mystery, the fear - all play a part.

And it's not just confined to one country. Cultures around the world and over time, are filled with stories about different creatures.  Some have similar characteristics, others are more confined to an area. Whatever the case, these mythical beings have people thinking 'what if?'.

Here at the DarkSide, we are no different. And we love using them in our work.

Vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, dragons, angels, demons, fae, djinns, mermaids, unicorns - they are just some of the most common that are featured. Of course there are others.

I'm planning on doing a series of posts about a supernatural/mythical beings on Magic Thursdays, on those weeks we haven't got giveaways or another DarkSider posting. :)

So to get the ball rolling, please let me know, which mythical creatures or beasties, do you want to see featured?

Even the UK Royal Mail has mythical creatures on their stamps

*no giveaway this week*

~Eleni :)


  1. Yep. All of the abovementioned. How about some selkies? Or dryads, nereids? (yeah, there may be a theme in this LOL).

  2. Would that theme have anything to do with water, perhaps? :D

  3. I'm over vampires unless they're done as well as jr ward. I'm enjoying the fallen angels and I'm interested in fairies

  4. I'm loving the idea of mermaids/mermans. And I too am a little over vampires, though a good book is a good book (is a good book...)

  5. Great suggestions everyone. We've got one long list.