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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Magic Thursday Giveaway -- Three Wishes

Okay, first up. Anyone who leaves a comment on this post goes in the draw to win a digital copy of Three Wishes, my latest Out of the Bottle novella (angels and djinn). And I want someone to win it! So leave comments, I don't care if you're Genghis Khan. Everyone deserves a happy read :)

So with business out of the way, let's get to the heart of the post this Magic Thursday -- villains and Disney simplicity.

When I was growing up, life was easy. All villains wore black hats. Seriously. That's how you knew they were bad. And if they lost their hat they did things like laugh maniacally or twirl their moustache. *sigh* How simple Disney made it to boo and hiss the villain.

Then I grew up.

And I found the black and white world became much more interesting when I allowed in infinite shades of grey. Disney has no idea what it's missing! Why is a villain bad? Was it his childhood? Was it her last diastrous relationship? What does the hero have to overcome to be good?

Shades of grey intrigue me. They allow character complexity and a chance to recognise our own struggles.

But because nostalgia is so enjoyable, I'm going to end with this question: Who is your favourite childhood villain?

I'm voting for Captain Hook! or maybe the tick-tock crocodile :)


She is the Bringer of Death

Cali, a djinni, has sworn to twist the wishes of humans so they die by their own greed and evil. Her latest master is arms dealer David Saqr, a man Cali believes deserves the fate she has in store for him. But this time she finds herself up against Andrew, David's guardian angel.

He is a Protector of Life

Andrew believes David can yet find redemption. He fights Cali for the man's life, even as he tries to persuade her to give in to the sizzling attraction between them. He shows Cali another side of David, and invites her to trust again, to hope. But centuries of being enslaved have hardened Cali's heart--it's going to take all of Andrew's love to convince her to open it and let him in.

from Carina Press


You can find Jenny at her website, on Twitter and Facebook and indulging her love of pretty pictures on Tumblr.


  1. Not quite Genghis Khan - some mornings my BF might disagree - but I'll throw my hat in the ring! I have a secret love affair with villains and anti-heroes, so your book looks great. Would love to see how you reform Cali.
    As to childhood villains, definitely Maleficent out of Sleeping Beauty.

  2. I would definitely be interested in reading this one. So count me in.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  3. Bec -- Maleficent was an awesome villain -- villainess -- love that word! almost as good at indicating old-style melodrama as "adventuress". Reforming Cali was a struggle. She had so much reason to be mad and defensive. But, you know love, it's sneaky. Add in an angel like Andrew and the conflict heats up...

    And I know just what you mean about early morning Genghis Khan impersonations :) Thanks for commenting.

    Linda -- thanks for the comment. The week before a book releases is nerve racking. My heartbeat calms a fraction when someone says they'd read "Three Wishes" :) Good luck in the draw!

  4. Donna Rochow - Poljarevic19 May 2011 at 10:06

    I would love to read this trilogy, but I'm still a little in the dark ages myself, I haven't quite yet gotten around to buying a ereader, I very much intend to because so many books are only being released that way now ( I still like the feel of a real book in my hands) although I do like the look and feel of the ereaders also ( it's a bit star trekkie ), as to who my favourite villain is I would have to say.... Dum Dum Dummmm The Wicked Witch from The Wizard Of Oz, yes most definitely The Wicked Witch she so scared the pants off me as a child, I'd hide behind the couch when her scenes were on just peking around the couch to see (so scary).

  5. Donna -- I only got a kindle this year. They ought to come with a warning: "Way too easy to over-spend your book budget because of instant see-it, buy-it capability". I'm not very clever with anything tech, but I love the kindle especially (and this surprised me) for non-fiction. So easy to read fast on the clear screen with its adjustable size font and so much lighter than huge textbooks.

    Anyway, I've wandered off topic. Back to villains! The Wiched Witch of the West was so scary I couldn't even relax when the house landed on her and all you saw was those shoes sticking out. Great choice!

  6. Ohh my fav villain has to be Ursula from The Little Mermaid...all she wanted was the Triton - nothing wrong with that:P Very black and white here, but like you I'm a huge fan of the in between grey characters... more mysterious that way.

    Would love to read your novella... sounds intriguing.


  7. Tania -- I wonder if that's the appeal of Disney villains, their single-mindedness? Sometimes the dark side of me thinks how simple things would be if I didn't have to be a grown up and consider consequences ;) LOL that makes me sound like a horrible person -- I swear, I'm not!

  8. Yes, shades of grey are more interesting, Jenny.

    The Queen from Snow White was always a good villainess. Her costume was great, but it was the dark make-up and the surly look that made her stand out as wicked...

    Congrats with the release of Three Wishes.

  9. Oooh great topic Jenny!

    I am so lame for saying this but I always had a thing for Darth Vader. He was so mysterious and scary! But then he has his sort of redemption moment. He won me over to villain fandom for life. Ever since my first days of Star Wars fandom I've wanted to know why a villain became a villain because no one is just born that way!

    If I had to go the Disney route though I still love Ursula. She sure but the "B" in witch. ;) Plus I love the idea that a woman can be just as evil as a man if not more so.

  10. Eleni, thanks for the congrats :) I'm so excited.

    And I agree about the Queen from Snow White. I thought it interesting that they made her somewhat sexy--compared to Snow White's girl next door look. Sexy clearly equals threatening...

    Rhianna -- Someone on twitter said exactly the same thing about Darth Vader. And then I had to admit I've never watched a Star Wars movie ... there goes my nerd status!