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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Magic Thursday Giveaway: Nicola E. Sheridan with Magical Gains

Magical Gains, my debut novel was released last week – and to celebrate I’m doing a give away!

Magical Gains is a paranormal/fantasy romance between a woman and a Genie. It won a Highly Commended best first book in the IP Picks 09 competition and was described as a ‘completely different take on fantasy’. One of the reasons for this description, I suspect is that it contains some painfully embarrassing moments, particularly for my heroine Primrose.

I love awkwardly funny moments in novels - something that instantly surprises and amuses. So, I’ll give away a digital copy of Magical Gains to whomever has the best embarrassing/amusing anecdote.

Come on – make me laugh. J


  1. Hey Nicola!
    I'm game, and I'll get the ball rolling. A few years ago I had to go in and have keyhole surgery. They put all the heart monitors and everything on me and then gave me the anesthetic. Just before it knocked my out, one of the heart monitor things fell off because it hadn't been stuck down properly. The machine monitoring my heart made a "beeeeeeeeeeep" sound, you know, like on TV when someone 'flatlines.' So, in my drugged up state, I said outloud "oh no, am I dead?"
    The last thing I remember before falling asleep was the all the nurses and doctors in the room cracking up laughing.
    Now I can laugh about it, but when I woke up and remembered at the time, it didn't seem so funny to me!

  2. That was too funny! Here goes mine!

    It might not be as mortifying since it happened in middle school (but yes i was scarred for life). One day i was sitting in class and my pencil fell on the floor. I scooted down in my chair and got it. Well, I sat back up, but my pants stayed down! Yep, i was flashing the back half of the class!!! Thank God my undies stayed on. My pants had gotten caught on the edge of the chair. i was quick enough before the front half of the class saw me, but i was too late for them not to hear about it! 7th grade hell!!

  3. Love the cover! Congratulations on your debut, Nikola.
    One of the most embarassing things in my life - involves being in the ladies room before a job interview (15yrs ago)and bad-mouthing the interviewer who kept me waiting over an hour already. I said stuff like I had a good mind to bill the company for my waiting time and saying how unprofessional that was etc etc
    You guessed it - Turned out I was actually speaking to my interviewer. She'd been at her frail mother's deathbed for the past two hours...

  4. Oh Jess, that wouldn't have been funny at the time but from their perspective LOL!!!

    Practimom- oh isn't that the fear - flashing. I've accidently done that too.

    Vicki - oh dear. I think we've all said something to a person without realising who they are.

    Now for mine. Well an amusing anecdote is when I was studying at university many years ago, and I had a cold and so had gone to my GP. Waiting for my lift just outside the building, this man came up to me and said something. I realised he said 'How much? and when I stared at him blankly something like 'you working?'. OMG - I was mortified. It wasn't as if I was dressed in a provocative way or anything - I was in my leggings and a T-shirt and I had a backpack. So my look screamed 'student'. I said, um no, I was NOT 'working' thank you very much. He just shrugged and moved on. I realised I stood close to the hotel that was there at the time, so he must have thought - I'll have a quick one. LOL!! It has left me with an anecdote to tell though.

  5. This is fun! Here's mine. I was working on a film near South Central LA (not a good area) and the call time was 5am, still dark. My job was to flag down all the crew and point them to the deserted empty lot we'd rented to park all the cars. My boss said with so little traffic, just wave at all the cars because the crew would be looking for me and everyone else would just drive by. Except a couple guys in a pickup truck who pulled over and asked me some weird questions I couldn't figure out. When I asked if they were part of the crew, they laughed and drove away. Then a police car pulled up. After my explanation of what I was doing, his stern face cracked into a small smile and he suggested I find another way to get the crew's attention. Being unfamiliar with the area, I couldn't figure out what was going on until the HUGE security guard walked up behind me (*behind* the fence) and suggested I make a sign and stay with him behind the fence. I asked what was so funny and he only laughed harder. That's when I FINALLY got it! The whole rest of the day everyone looked at me and laughed. My boss apologized profusely and then later started asking me, So, did you make any extra money for the film today? Best part - it was a BILLY GRAHAM film!! LOL!!