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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's Good News....


Shona Husk
How to Breathe Fire has received a 4 star review from The One Hundred Romances Project.

Shona also gets a mention in a Publisher's Weekly review for her short story Mutiny on the Scarborough in the anthology Dead Red Heart (which is due out next month).

Nicole Murphy
Nicole's short story also gets a mention in Publisher's Weekly for her short story The Protector's Last Mission in the anthology, More Scary Kisses (due out next month).

Paula Roe
Romance Reviews Today, have said the following:
“With sparkling characterization and sizzling romance, PROMOTED TO WIFE? is a seductive and passionate story. Don't miss it!”

Jess Anastasi
Severance has gotten a 5-star review from the Long and Short Reviews.


Bec Skrabl
The Devil of Whitechapel has finaled in the Time-Travel/Historical Paranormal section of the Romance Through The Ages contest.

Peta Crake
Peta's entry in Jaime Rush's Kick Butt First Line contest won!!! And it's fantastic!
"Sometimes when you burn your bridges you are left on the wrong side of the river facing a hoard of angry trolls." – Peta Crake

Covers & Release Date

H.C. Brown
Another installment of the Pride Brothers Series will be released on the 4th April from Noble Romance Publishing, with Hawke's Purr-Fect Mate.

Way to go ladies!!! Fabulous news!

Until next week....