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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Weekly Overview

Coming up this week....

Tues 1st Mar  – Good News Day

Wed 2nd - Winner announced for Keri Arthur's giveaway of Kelley Armstrong'sHaunted, AND Julia Quinn's The Viscount Who Loved Me.

Thur 3rd – Magic Thursday (with giveaway) – Maree Anderson with a copy of her ebook Scent of a Man 

Sat 5th – Darklight On…Mel Teshco

What's New....

  • Check out Nicole's reporting of Markets, on the Markets Page.
  • We also start still going with our combined BIAM/BIAW. One week down, three to go!

See you around on the Dark Side :D

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Darklight On...Fiona Gregory Q&A

Today's Darklight On... is with Fiona Gregory. Welcome Fiona!

How did you come to write speculative fiction? 

I started focusing on writing futuristic romance after I had success with a short story, which was eventually published in the RWAustralia Little Gems Anthology. My critique group had been yawning their way through my current WIP, a contemporary romance, but when I took The Protector along for a critique there was stunned silence after everyone finished reading. Finally someone said “Why on earth aren’t you writing this stuff all the time?”

A futuristic romance author was born…

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in-between? 

I always said I was a plotter and I make detailed plans before I start to write. Unfortunately, once I start writing my carefully constructed plans go out the window and my characters go off and do their own thing. I fasten my seatbelt and go along for the ride.

Who are you favourite authors? 

I read across the whole romance spectrum:

   · Susan Grant and Liz Maverick for my futuristic fix,
   · Christine Wells, Anna Campbell and Jean M Auel for my historical fix, and
   · Nikki Logan, Rachel Robinson and Melissa James for my contemporary romance fix.

What are you currently reading? 

· Susan Grant’s The Star Princess - I love a continuity series.

· Counting the days to the release of Jean M Auel’s The Land of the Painted Caves – Book six in the Earth’s Children continuity.

· My library bag – I select five items at random without looking at the back cover blurbs – this month I have a book on self-sufficiency, a health magazine, two novels and a collation of true crime stories. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I see you love the continuity series – do you plan to write one? 

I’d love to. I have an idea for an artificial planet that’s a self-contained hospital and local community. It’s in a neutral zone and injured soldiers from many planets and opposing forces will land, and meet the locals. And each other. Romance central!

Do you have a favourite spec fiction movie or TV series? 

Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, StarTrek series and movies… I could go on and on.

I also loved a little-known series from 1995 – American Gothic – one of the writers was Shaun Cassidy – one of my childhood idols. It only lasted one series but I loved it.

Do have a favourite of your characters? 

My current favourite is my hero in my Emerald entry – he’s gorgeous – brown eyes, great tan, washboard abs. And he’s in the armed forces.

What are you working on currently? 

I’ve just finished my entry for the RWA Little Gems Short Story contest and also posted my second round Emerald entry, a futuristic romance.

My next novel is another futuristic romance – I’ve been spending hours with caravan brochures, planning my ideal spaceship for my hero and heroine to take a trip across the universe. Should be fun.

What is your favourite part of the process of writing? 

I like to run and I use my running time to ‘pre-write’ – my creative process to explore the possibilities for what will happen next. Years ago I did a course that suggested trying to find twenty different options to take the story forward from where you are now. A long run is perfect for this activity.

Unfortunately, my calves are always tight because instead of a post-run stretch I’m more likely to grab a notebook and start writing. My physio despairs…

 Fiona has had a short story published in the last two years of 
Little Gems Anthologies - Turquoise and Topaz. 
We wish her luck for a hat-trick with Garnet!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Magic Thursday Giveaway: Keri Arthur

Do you read in the same genre that you write?

I used to, but these days I normally read anything but the paranormal/urban fantasy genre. I spend so much time writing urban fantasy that the last thing I want to do when I sit down to read is pick up yet more urban fantasy.

And yet, it seems to be the accepted wisdom that an author should read in their own genre to keep up with not only is going on, but where the trends are and what is selling. I've even heard it said that you should read at least 25—30 books in a genre before you even think of writing in it.

Which is actually a figure I surpassed long, long ago, because I've been reading fantasy since I was a teenager. And while I may no longer read many books in the urban fantasy genre, I read blogs, I read reviews, I subscribe to publishers marketplace, and I talk to lots of other writers, so I have a have idea what is going on in the writing world. I've also never been a follower of trends, which is a major part of the reason why it took me so long to sell. I had to wait for the trends to catch up with what I was already writing.

I also think that there's a danger in reading too much within the field that you write in. You can get so immersed in the tropes of the genre that you forget to write outside the box—and that can often lead to the 'same old same old' criticism you so often see in reviews.

But that's just my opinion. What about you? How much do you read of your own genre? How important do you think it even is?

There is a giveaway involved—one urban fantasy, one not. The first book is Haunted, by Kelley Armstrong, and the second The Viscount who Loved Me, by Julia Quinn.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Magic Thursday Giveaway winner - Shannah Jay

The winner for a copy of Shannah Jay's Envoy is:


Congratulations Skye. Please contact Shannah at using the contact form at her website - http://www.annajacobs.com/contact-us.aspx - with your details and whether you prefer a hard copy or ebook copy.

Thanks everyone for commenting.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's Good News....

Release Date & Book Trailer

Mel Teshco
Moon Thrall is to be released in the US on the 2nd March by Ellora's Cave.

Check out its fab book trailer here.

CAPA Awards

Denise Rosetti
Laced with Desire won the CAPA for best erotic anthology. Denise's story Rhio's Dancer is a part of this anthology. Congratulations to Denise and the other authors of the anthology! 


Jenny Schwartz
Angel Thief received a 4 rating book review from Tammy's Another Readers Blog and Reviews. Well done Jenny!


Keri Arthur
As reported in Publishers Marketplace this week, our NYT bestselling author, Keri, has had the next three books of her Dark Angel series (a spin off from the Guardian books) sold to Danielle Perez at NAL!!

Woohoo, more fantastic books to come our way!!! Wonderful news Keri.

~ I just love good news, don't you everyone? Come back next week for more.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Weekly Overview

Coming up this week....

Tues 22nd  – Good News Day

Wed 23rd - Winner announced for Shannah's Envoy.

Thur 24th – Magic Thursday (with giveaway) – Keri Arthur with Kelley Armstrong's Haunted

Sat 26th – Darklight On…Fiona Gregory

What's New....

  • Welcome to our newest members Linda Jones and Amanda Ashby!!
  • We also start our combined BIAM/BIAW today. Wish us luck!

See you around on the Dark Side :D

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Darklight On... Astrid Cooper Q&A

Today's Darklight On... is with Astrid Cooper. Welcome Astrid!

How did you come to write speculative fiction? What attracted you to the genre?

I began writing as soon as I could hold a pencil; I remember sitting in the school playground at age five writing and illustrating my stories -- even then they were about magic and aliens and spaceships. I believe that my father and mother contributed to my "speculative" bias by telling me bedtime stories about fairies and magical porpoises. The books I chose at the local library were also "speculative".

Then, as now, I read a lot and widely, not just speculative or romance. I think as a writer I can't afford to become locked in to any one genre, because reading (and writing) in different genres makes you spread your wings and "dare"; it also makes you aware of the limitations of specific genre. As a reader I find that I need a smorgasbord of reading material to keep me happy.

If there is one defining moment it was watching the original Star Trek series on TV ... this had it all: adventure, romance, intrigue - in space. I also followed the NASA space program, so science and the speculative have always held great appeal for me... Not to mention all things metaphysical/paranormal. As for the attraction for speculative fiction: it allows a writer to "boldly go where no writer has gone before..." That "what if...?" question that so intrigues writers to dare them to write outside the box.

I started the local STAR TREK fan club and I wrote and published fan fiction - this is what started me off. Readers of fanzines kept asking me to write in my own worlds, so I did.

Please tell us a little about your road to publication.

It was serendipity. I was in the right place at the right time simply because I dared to put myself out on a limb. My first big break came when I cold pitched to Virgin UK. I thought I'd run past a story line idea I had because it was different from what they were publishing. When I rang, I expected to be put through to an editorial assistant, but my call was sent direct to the editor in chief. I pitched my story, but at the end she said "we've just contracted for a similar book". I thanked her for her time and was about to hang up when she said, "But, I've just come back this minute from a board meeting. We're going to publish our first anthology of erotic stories, would you like to submit to that?" I did. Two weeks later, at 7pm one Thursday, my fax machine went off. It was the contract for my short story (an erotic vampire/romance). Around the same time, I was also presenting two fantasy/s.f./paranormal romance writing workshops at an RWA conference in Sydney. In the audience I noticed a publisher who was at the conference. I was nervous to see her there, but got on with the workshop. At the end, when I was packing up my handouts, she came to me and said how much she enjoyed my workshop and would I like to write some ff&p erotica for her? She gave me her card. I wrote for this publisher for many years until they went out of business.

Sometimes the road to publication is smooth, but more often than not my road to publication has been strewn with almost insurmountable obstacles. I think such moments are "tests" of my resolve. And of late my resolve has been tested!!!

Who are your favourite authors?

  • Guy Gavriel Kay
  • Tanith Lee
  • Ursula K LeGuin
  • James Lee Burke
  • Stieg Larsson (how dare he die on me after only writing 3 books!)
  • Laurence Gardner (excellent re-interpretations of history - the classic "what if...?" which really makes you think).
  • Loretta Chase
  • Tan Twan Eng (his first book came out years ago, where is the next one???) 

What are you currently reading?

I have 3 books on the go.

  • "The Secret Lives of Dresses"
  • "The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo" (parody!)
  • "Characters and Viewpoint" (a writing how-to book)

Do you have a favourite spec fiction movie or tv series?
from startrekdesktopwallpaper.com

STAR TREK!!!!!!!! (The Original Series).

Are you a plotter? Pantster? Or somewhere in-between?

I lean more towards a pantster, but it depends on the story line as to whether I need (or want!) to sit down and do indepth story and character arcs. And all the plotting in the world doesn't stop those exciting and rare moments when the characters take control of the story and do and say the unexpected -- I love it when this happens!

Do have a favourite of your characters?

This is a tough question! All of my creations are special. I think Harimal who was a secondary character in my sexy futuristic romance (STARLIGHT). Hari is screaming at me to write his story. Why is he special? He's wounded, vulnerable, a rogue, has a sense of humour... the classic hero.

What are you currently working on? 

I have several projects.

1. re-editing a futuristic romance (CRYSTAL DREAMS) for re-release in a month or so.

2. Outlining a dark fantasy/paranormal series.

3. A gaslight romance that is turning out to be a lot of fun.

4. Re-working a huge fantasy romance duology (300,000 words!)

5. Outlining a non-fiction book on cats (requested by a reader/friend of mine). I've told her lots of stories about my cat rescues and their antics once they have settle in to my home - she has demanded I write them and publish them in a book!)

What can we expect from Astrid Cooper in the future?

The above in both digital and print formats. Maybe some writing workshops and a possible 'how-to-write/create workbook.

Do you have advice for emerging writers?

I have something to say about this on my website.

There is a lot of advice "out there" for writers - perhaps too much -- and it is often contradictory. Every writer has their own style and voice, their personal vision of their work. Never let anyone tell you that what you have done is "wrong" and "unless you write how I say you'll never get published." To this advice I say: "Baloney!" (actually, what I would say to this, well, it couldn't go up on the web... LOL!) I have encountered these people in my writing career especially when I was starting out in the big guy world of publishing; I listened to one and I ended up with writers' block for 2 years.

So my advice: Write what you love and write what you love to read. If what you love to read isn't out there on the shelves - write it; invent a new genre. DARE TO DREAM.

What is your favourite part of the process of writing?

Honestly? I love every part of the writing process and I hate every part of the writing process. Writing is a solitary, frustrating business and I find it hard to be objective -- my writing sucks... Every writer I know has this niggling/screaming doubt about their ability.

But my favourite part of the writing process would have to be the initial "what if...?" moment, or when I 'see' a character in my head, or have a dream that precipitates the first word on the first line of the first page. The inspiration is the exciting moment, for me. Then holding the print edition of the book at the end of the process... that moment eradicates all the tears and frustration of the previous months or years.

(the royalty cheque isn't bad, either! LOL!)

Anything else?

Thanks to Eleni, RWA and DSDU for the opportunity to chat about myself and my writing. I appreciate your time in reading this article and hope that in some small way I might have inspired you to begin that daring new project!

Friday, 18 February 2011

What We Are Reading

Today we have DarkSiders Fiona Gregory, Paula Roe, Emmeline Lock, and Jess Anastasi (who is turning out to be our resident reviewer J )

Fiona Gregory

Starlight by Astrid Cooper - I fell in love with the cover when I first saw this book and bought it as a result. Am loving it and especially loving the well thought out chapter titles like Starlight Rapture. So much cooler than Chapter one, chapter two.

Body for Life by Bill Phillips and Michael D'Orso. I'm not really into serious weight training, just trying to rehab a badly injured knee and get back to running again. Although there are some pretty great abs, butts and chests in the photos as the back. J
RSPCA Qld Animal Training and Behaviour Centre Intermediate Program Manual. The knee injury was a result of the new puppy - a great dane cross labrador. When I say I'm reading this, I've nearly memorised it I've spent so much time with it. Unfortunately, the dog hasn't read it, so we're going to fail again this time around.

Patiently waiting on my TBR pile: Crimson City, Crimson Rogue and Seduced by Crimson from the Crimson City series. I will get to you, I will.

Paula Roe

To Wish or Not To Wish by Mindy Klasky

I looooved Mindy’s Jane Madison witch series and even though this book is the third in her As You Wish series, you can read it as a stand alone. It’s about an every-girl heroine, a genie and her four wishes, and has the wonderful humor I’m come to associate with Klasky’s stories, combined with likeable characters. Great fun!

Undead and Unworthy by Mary Janice Davidson

A blonde material girl with an obsession for designer shoes who suddenly becomes Queen of the Vampires... talk about clash of cultures! I love Queen Betsy and I also love the way MJ has grown this irreverent, quirky series. This book is a lot darker than the prior six, and even the author admits she’s taken a different tone for this and the next two. I’ve heard some rumblings about terrible things happening to our plucky heroine in the latest Undead and I’m crossing my fingers I haven’t invested my time poorly!

Driven by Megan Hart

This is the first book of hers I’ve read with a sci-fi/futuristic setting, and like all her other erotic contemporary romances, her awesome writing skills shine. Our heroine is a mech pleasure bot, our hero an exiled royal alpha male and the author takes you from a post-apocalyptic earth, into space and onto other planets with ease. I was hooked the entire time. My *only* complaint is the ending felt a little rushed – I would’ve liked to see more of the hero/heroine interacting to get to the HEA.

Emmeline Lock

MOON CALLED, by Patricia Briggs 

I’ve been inhaling a new-to-me author – Patricia Briggs. Briggs comes from a high fantasy background, but I’ve jumped in at her urban fantasy/thriller Mercy Thompson series, beginning with MOON CALLED. The series is available on Kindle/Kindle apps for Aussie readers.

From Goodreads, about MOON CALLED:

Werewolves can be dangerous if you get in their way, but they'll leave you alone if you are careful. They are very good at hiding their natures from the human population, but I'm not human. I know them when I meet them, and they know me, too.
Mercy Thompson's sexy next-door neighbor is a werewolf. 
She's tinkering with a VW bus at her mechanic shop that happens to belong to a vampire. 
But then, Mercy Thompson is not exactly normal herself ... and her connection to the world of things that go bump in the night is about to get her into a whole lot of trouble.’ 

This series has been my first “sorry kids, you know where the cereal is, Mummy’s reading” effort for the year. Mercy Thompson is a great kick-ass heroine without coming off as invincible. She’s a self-contained, likeable, intelligent character. Mercy is able to save the day/someone’s life/her own skin in various ways that you just don’t see coming. I did a lot of, “Well, how’s she going to get out of this one?", which is, to me, a hallmark of a good read.

The story blends the current day with vampires, werewolves, the fae (including brownies, selkies and gremlins), and of course, Mercy herself. I enjoyed Briggs’ take on the various beings’ magical abilities. The world Briggs has constructed is believable and consistent.

Now, to the men. *Happy sigh*. If something niggles me about the two books that I’ve read, it’s that Mercy seems to keep her men (she has two love interests and a third warming up at the beginning of book three, lucky girl) coolly dangling for eons. Does it make them lesser men because they’re not pushing her to choose? It could, but in the case of this series, I really don’t think it does (they’re good characters). It probably says more about me. Being a disciple of the school of instant gratification, I would like -- if not a whole lotta steam -- at least a bit more effort on Mercy’s part to nail herself a man (ahem). But of course, if she made a decision now, what would the remaining books in the series be about? Come to think of it, for me the lack of sensual scenes is a key difference between this series and what would be a similar series -- Laurell K Hamilton’s very-busy-in-the-bedroom Anita Blake. I do think I prefer Mercy, on the whole. Really, in her defense, Mercy does have a high body count to deal with, so I shall forgive her.

For me, this book puts me in mind of Gena Showalter’s Alien Huntress, Kresley Cole’s Amazons and Mercy even smacks of JD Robb’s Eve Dallas. It’s a great UF/thriller/romantic elements read.

Kindle version

The books in the Mercy Thompson series are:

1. Moon Called (2006)

2. Blood Bound (2007)

3. Iron Kissed (2008)

4. Bone Crossed (2009)

5. Silver Borne (2010)

6. River Marked (2011)

Preying for Mercy (omnibus) (2008)

Jess Anastasi

I planned on reading JR Ward's Crave, but picking up a historical romance from my TBR pile, Sins of a Wicked Duke by Sophie Jordan. It had a simple plot, but was actually hard to put down. It was one of those 'woman dresses up as man and becomes a servant in the hero's house' type stories. I was skeptical, I've read a few along these lines and was never quite convinced how dumb the hero had to be not to see that the woman he'd been lusting after was right under his nose. Anyway, Ms Jordan actually did quite a believable job of it. I was impressed. I bought this book becuase it was half price at Rendezvous, so wasn't expecting much. But I really enjoyed it and and next time I'm feel like a histoical, I'll be looking to see what else Ms. Jordan has on offer.
Maybe next month I'll get to Crave...

Thanks ladies!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Magic Thursday: Shannah Jay - Stuck for Choice

That’s me when I’m writing - stuck for choice. There are so many stories I want to write, fizzing around in my brain. I write mostly as Anna Jacobs (historical and modern novels, three a year), but I also write fantasy novels as Shannah Jay, hence my presence here on DSDU.

Sadly, there aren’t enough hours in the day to explore all my story ideas, whether it’s Anna or Shannah writing them. Could someone please invent a way to sleep only 4 hours per night?

My first fantasy novel written as Shannah Jay was ‘Quest’, the start of a fantasy saga in three parts, only it went to four. It was published only in Australia/New Zealand.

I created a world where people had developed psychic talents, instead of relying on technology. I come from a family who see ghosts so this was no big stretch of the imagination for me. Creating a world is absolutely fascinating, but you have to take notes every time you invent a plant or animal or mysterious alien, so that you’ll remember the details. I had a huge file of notes after four novels.

The last book in the Chronicles of Tenebrak, ‘Price of Wisdom’, was shortlisted for the Best Australian Fantasy Saga Award in 1996, but sadly for me, someone else’s book won. 

As time passed, I began to wonder how my planet had started off, so I wrote Book 1 of the Second Chronicles of Tenebrak in between my other commitments, just for pleasure. You can’t persuade a publisher to take you seriously if you can’t guarantee at least a book a year, and Anna is so busy, Shannah can’t do that. 

I’ve now published ‘Tenebrak: the Founding’ electronically and it’s for sale at Amazon and on my website. I so enjoyed finding out how that planet was settled! I didn’t know till I wrote it because I don’t plan stories - they just seem to happen.

And then there was ‘Envoy’, my own favourite Shannah Jay book, which takes a look into what the peacekeeping processes of the future might be. It’s hard to describe the exact genre. It’s more SF than fantasy, a military, psycho-drama cum romance, plus a big dash of Ministry of Dirty Tricks.
original cover

There’s a copy of it to give away for someone commenting on this post. 

It was such fun to write ‘Envoy’, which is a complex story. I kept thinking of new twists in the middle of the night and creeping into the en suite to take notes. Then as I crept back to bed, my husband would ask, ‘What have you thought of now?’ and we’d both lose some more sleep.

In the meantime, if you want to read my Shannah Jay stories, which have been reissued as ebooks, go to Amazon or come to my new website http://www.annajacobs.com and buy them there. Just click on Shop at the top. It uses Paypal.

ebook cover
Happy reading!


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

World-Building Summary

World-building can be hard to get your head around but if you can follow the guide below then you'll have a basic structure you can build on as your understanding and knowledge of your world develops.
  1. Research – make the time to flesh out your world. Readers come to your book wanting to believe and if you don’t delve a little more deeply into what makes your world function, then you run the risk of the story not living up to its potential.
  2. Structure and consistency – by all means interweave reality with imagination but whatever you create in your world must have a set of rules or be based on logic or reason. Gerrold, in his book Worlds of Wonder, quite rightly states, “The reader will suspend belief - he won’t suspend common sense.”*** Little or no structure will result in the reader becoming confused; that leads to boredom or frustration. And without consistency the reader will disbelieve and mistrust what they’re reading. Don’t give them a reason to put your book down.
  3. Humanize elements of your world building – make them similar enough to something readers would be familiar with but then balance it with whatever is unique about it. Combine the old with the new. 
  4. Layer the experience – use the senses. Create the scene in your head. What did you see? Hear? Smell? Touch? Taste? Feel emotionally? Provide this and you’ll bring your world alive, make it believable.
  5. Have fun – take time to daydream. It’s part of the creative process of world building. Collage your ideas, make maps, family trees, lists of your character likes/dislikes, create a play-list of songs that evoke the right mood conducive to the tone of your world.
What are you waiting for? You have the tools to start world building – it’s time to go for it. Discover and enjoy the process that works for you, whatever it may be.

Once you get started, you never know what sort of wonderful world you might end up with! 

Quotes used in the article
* “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto” article by Maree Anderson from her website (www.mareeanderson.com)
** Nalini Singh website – web-link called Behind the Scenes re: “skin privileges” (www.nalinisingh.com/psy.html) 
*** Worlds of Wonder – How to write science fiction & fantasy – David Gerrold (Titan Books 2001)

Website Articles:
A Way with Worlds by S.Savage (www.seventhsanctum.com/www/wwwfull.html)
Magical World Builder by S. Cottrell Bryant (www.web-writer.net/fantasy/)
Fantasy World Building Questions by P.C.Wrede 1996 (www.sfwa.org/writing/worldbuilding1.htm)
Checking on Culture by Lee Killough 1993 AG Press
The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference – Introduction by Terry Brooks (Writer’s Digest Books 1998)

Worlds of Wonder – How to write science fiction & fantasy – David Gerrold (Titan Books 2001) 

(Pictures from http://fantasyartdesign.com"> Fantasy Art 3D Wallpapers, digital art modern online gallery.)

Magic Thursday Giveaway winner - Eleni Konstantine + outcome

The winner chosen at random for a copy of Sydney Croft's Acro series and Larissa Ione's Ecstasy Unveiled is:

Suzanne Brandyn

Congrats Suzanne!!! - please contact Eleni (eleni @ elenikonstantine. com ) with your mailing address details.

Are you wondering on what I have decided to write?

Since Lady and the Dragon is halfway written I'm going to go concentrate on that (also because I'm editing paranormal stories), BUT I think I'll also write Gypsy Curse and Snoop as well for a bit of variety. Bring on the BIAM!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's Good News!! 


H.C. Brown
Fane: Cyborg Doms was released 7 Feb by Noble Romance Publishing.

Jess Anastasi
Severance, the sequel to Sanctuary was released yesterday by Noble Romance Publishing.

Congrats to our Noble ladies!!

Cover & Release Date

H.C. Brown
H.C's erotic m/m romance, Love Revisited is out on the 28 February from Noble Romance Publishing.


Keri Arthur
Herea are the US covers of The Dark Angels novels, Darkness Unbound and Darkness Rising.  How gorgeous are they?

Free read

Mel Teshco
The free read Discovering Sophia is now officially "free" up on Amazon.

Flash Fiction

Eleni Konstantine
The flash fiction story, Dragon's Quest will be in issue #156 on the Antipodean SF website. It will be available in June. 


Michelle de Rooy
Michelle has two pieces of good news this week in regards to contests. She's gone into the second round of the Emerald Category Competition by the Romance Writers of Australia, AND she's placed 5th in the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal section of The Emily (run by the West Houston RWA). Well done Michelle!!!


Tracey O'Hara
Death's Sweet Embrace is a TOP PICK for this month over at RT Reviews. Fantastic Tracey!

Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA) Awards

The nominations have been announced and some of our DarkSiders are on the list!!! 

Favourite Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy or Futuristic Romance 

Moon Sworn - Keri Arthur 
Shadowglass -  Erica Hayes 

Favourite Short Category Romance 

The Billionaire Baby Bombshell -Paula Roe

Favourite Romantic Suspense 

Dirty Sexy Murder - Cathleen Ross (Cathleen is a RWAus paranormal group member, so we would like to cheer her on!)

Favourite Continuing Romance Series 

Riley Jenson series- Keri Arthur 

Favourite Australian Romance Author of 2010 

Erica Hayes 
Keri Arthur 
Paula Roe

Erica Hayes
Keri Arthur
Paula Roe
Winners will be announced at the AARA Convention Awards Dinner on the 26th March. Wishing you luck ladies.

What an absolute fabulous week for us. Please join us next week for some more Dark Side news....

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Weekly Overview

Coming up this week....

Tues 15th  – Good News Day

Wed 16th - Winner announced for Eleni and Loretta's giveaway.

-  Part Four of the four-part series on World Building with Kylie Griffin.

Thur 17th – Magic Thursday (with giveaway) – Shannay Jay with Envoy

Fri 18th - What We Are Reading with Fiona Gregory, Paula Roe, Emmeline Lock, Wendy Godding and Jess Anastasi (our resident reviewer)

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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Darklight On...Nicola E. Sheridan: Q&A

Today's Darklight On... is with Nicola E. Sheridan. Welcome Nicola!

How did you come to write speculative fiction? What attracted you to the genre?

I came to write speculative fiction because I've always loved mythology and fantasy. One of the first books I can remember my Dad reading to me as a child was "the Hobbit", and I think it imbued me with a love of all things magical. Then at University, I studied Archaeology and Anthropology and buried myself in the mythology of the Greeks, Vikings, Romans, and Aboriginals. I just love it - there is very little else I'd want to write!

Your debut book, Magical Gains, is due for release next month  – can you tell us a little about this?

It’s set in a world where magic is illegal and heavily taxed to ensure equality for all. When unhappily engaged Primrose finds herself the unwilling mistress of a gorgeous Genie – her stifling suburban lifestyle is shattered. Gauche and awkward, Primrose is thrust into the steamy Free Zone – a place filled with treacherous Sirens, lascivious Satyrs and hygienically challenged Manticores. Here nothing goes to plan, and Primrose finds that three wishes can give her whatever she needs, but when Imran is taken away, she’s not so sure she’ll ever get what she truly wants.

Who are you favourite authors?

My favourite authors are, J.K. Rowling and Karen Marie Moning.

What are you currently reading?

I am reading the final instalment of Karen Marie Moning's Fever series, "Shadowfever". Only a few more pages to go! Pwhaw.

Do you have a favourite spec fiction movie or TV series?

I really liked "Interview with the Vampire", based on Anne Rice's novel for a while, and of course, all the "Harry Potter's."  I also adore "Futurama"... does that count as spec fiction?!

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in-between?

Panster all the way I'm afraid. I write what I want, when I want, and how I want. Plots are too confining for me. I like my stories to evolve naturally.

Do have a favourite of your characters?

Oh, I love them all. If I had to pin one down, I'd say Primrose from "Magical Gains" because she's so awkward and easy to embarrass. When I read some of her scenes, I still laugh out loud.  The other worthy of mention is Phil the Manticore, he's a ripper! He's very frank, and that lends itself to rudeness - which is funny. I like to laugh.

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently revising the follow-on novel from "Magical Gains" which at the moment is called "Magical Creations". It's based on the sub-character of Omar (who is also a Genie). I will be submitting it shortly.  I've also just started the third novel (tentatively called "Magical Redemption") it’s based on a sub-character from “Magical Creations”.

What can we expect from Nicola E. Sheridan in the future?

A movie deal for "Magical Gains" would be good! Haha!
Seriously though, I am hoping to get the next two in the series published, and then maybe move away from Genies and play with some other magical/mythological being instead!

Do you have advice for emerging writers?

         1.     Don’t give up!
         2.    Enter competitions. If you succeed in competitions there’s a good chance you’ll succeed in getting published.
         3.     Get yourself a critique partner. A critique partner is brilliant because they’ll spot when you’re being lazy, and tell you!

What is your favourite part of the process of writing?

I love listening to good music and writing exciting and emotive scenes. I love imagining what characters will do in certain situations – then putting them in one and letting my imagination fly. Let’s face it, I love writing!

~ Magical Gains is out on 7th March from Eternal Press.