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Thursday 27 January 2011

Magic Thursday-H.C. Brown- What Do You Want From Me ?

I love to write different genres of erotic romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Time Travel, Sci-Fi, Historical, and Contemporary. I believe that love is love no matter if you are straight or gay, shifter or Faerie and every story should have a happy ending.

My greatest pleasure is to take a reader on a journey through my eyes, to feel what my characters feel and to experience the worlds I create.

I would really like to know what you like to read. What makes a story special for you?

Is it the strong, handsome, alpha shape shifter that intrigues or do you familiarize with the heroine?

Speaking of heroines, mine are never perfect, I think perfect is boring. My women don't have model figures; rather they are the girl next door type. Okay so you live next door to a Playboy model…well I mean the rest of us J

Do you prefer the female lead to be tough or vulnerable?

Do you like shifter stories? If so what makes you read to the last page?

Do you enjoy a story about gay men? Like the story about firemen in 'Burn'.

Or do you prefer a BDSM – 'Flogger's Holiday Sale', or perhaps a Sci-Fi - 'No Choice But Love.'

Taking into account my books are usually paranormal with shape shifters and big, bad boy faeries; do you like M/F/M ménage with male/ male interaction?

What do you like to see on the cover? A sexy alpha male or the heroine...alone or together?

Or is it the blurb?

When bad boy alpha, Prince Dallin and his lover, Stryker, go 2000 years into the past to rescue Lailii, a Spellweaver, they didn't plan on being captivated by the petite, delicate female.

Strong willed and determined to survive, Lailii has no option but to go with the two stunningly handsome men. Within hours, she finds herself in a world of big cat shifters and sizzling, uninhibited sex. Betrayed by a king to whom she owes no loyalty, she struggles to survive and acclimate herself in a strange, new land. And when a demon follows Lailii into the future, Dallin and Stryker must work together to keep their new lover safe.

Leave a comment on any of the topics above and one person will win a copy of my new e-novel Shifters & Demons plus an autographed cover pic.

Runner up will get the eBook of choice from my back list on Noble Romance.

I would love to participate in Magic Thursday again, later in the year when I will have copies of autographed print books to give away. J 

I love feedback. Feel free to email me or visit my blog.

Thank you for having me today.
H.C. Brown


  1. I guess I will say that i like it all. As long as you continue to write the way you do...it's all good. I guess I am flexible that way ^_^! A story has to have character development (check), hot guys (check) and a good plot (check). Oh, and a hot cover always finishes out the checklist!!!

  2. HI H,


  3. Hi Heather!

    Sounds like a fun menage you've got thar! Totally need to go out and get a copy...anyway, as for what I like seeing in books, I like all types of romances, but mostly the unconventional ones. I'm generally tolerant of any type of hero, though I have a preference for the go-getters, and as for heroines, I like an introspective, enigmatic female who holds true to principle and isn't afraid to fall!

  4. Hi!

    Great blog! I always like when people answer the questions I ask in my blogs, so I'm going to try to return the favor.

    I like my heroines to be a little of both. Strong, but with a streak of vulnerability. I will admit that I cannot stand women who are high maintenance. I'm running into that now with a heroine in a WIP and I realized I was making her a constant victim with no redeeming qualities, focusing too much of my effort on the hot guys and not enough on developing her. I'm glad I caught it early. LOL

    I love shifter books (writing one now), and I'll read every last page as long as the plot of the book hasn't been lost. I've noticed in erotic shifter romances, sometimes the focus is solely on the fact the hot men or women can shift and oooo isn't that sexy, and not on the story.

    I dig M/M mostly when it ties in BDSM and I love menages where the men are as likely to have sex with each other as they are with the female.

    I also love all types of subgenres...sci fi, paranormal, time travel, shifter...it's all great, and you utilize it all very well.

    I always love a hot guy on the cover of a book whether he's with a woman or not. LOL

    Sorry for the babbling fest!
    Good luck on your release.


  5. Rats, just lost my post and have to start again.

    Your blog is really interesting and I love the covers of your books.

    I like to see both the alpha male(s) and the heroine on the cover, and in the case of shifters the varmint as well. That tiger is gorgeous!

    I am so glad that you write non-perfect heroines. We all have flaws and I can better relate to someone who is more real. If I never again read that a heroine's lips are a little too full to be truly beautiful...

    Having said that, I am far more forgiving of an alpha male's perfection ;)

    I started off with paranormals, slid from there to scifi, and gaining rapid momentum into erotica, bdsm, menage and now mm. I am almost afraid of where I'll end up, LOL

    Glad that you write across a few genres as I like to mix up what I read - particularly as I read like my life depends on it. (It is only my sanity that depends on it.)

    Beyond everything I like a good story that has a satisfying ending.

    Finally, you just can't have too many sexy shifters - purrrrr!

  6. I like ALL types of genre's even the male/male and menage stuff that I didn't think would be my deal but its become my naughty pleasure:)

  7. I like reading a variety of stories. I tend to like female characters that are strong but vulnerable also. Same with the men. And whether they are gay, straight, shifter, or otherwise, if it's written well that is what is most important. So each story is judged on it's individual merit.

    As for covers, I must admit I love a great design that is appealing artistically.

  8. I like butt-headed alpha-males that meet their match in a kick-butt female. I love shifters because of their animal instincts. I have a soft spot for demons too ;) They believe they are damned so what does it matter how they behave, until....enter kick-butt female. A good love story is a good love story no matter what the sex of those involved. Graphic sex scenes don't do much for me. I like hot and heavy romantic sex (if that makes sense )With covers I like dark UF types and lots of male torsos.

  9. Thanks for all your great comments.

  10. Hi HC,

    With different stories I find that different elements are what makes me continue reading. I like the tough female leads, but they need to have a bit of vulnerability, but I think that is because it gives a reader more chance to relate.

    Tha cover can also be something that draws me in, but the blurb has to be just as good. There can be some great cover art, but the blurb or even the story might not be so great. I also find that a title can draw me in, because that can be what sticks in your mind when thinking about what to read.

    But I find that I can't define the exact elements that make me finish a story, because for each book it may be something completely different.



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