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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Magic Thursday Giveaway…Shona Husk: How To Breathe Fire

Today I’d like to share a few behind the scenes glimpses of the making of my romantic fantasy novella How To Breathe Fire, Samhain Publishing January 18 2011.
• This was one of the stories I wrote while redundant in 2009
• It started out as an erotic fantasy but Matai and Camea had other ideas. So while the heat is there it takes a while before either of them makes a move.
• My original plot looks nothing like the finished story—except for the first chapter.
• The theme song was ‘Touch the Fire’ by Icehouse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gI-xngbtrE
• Matai was originally a fire demon but he became far more interesting as I wrote the story.
• You can read the excerpt here: How To Breathe Fire-excerpt

Freedom comes with a blistering price…

For as long as she can remember, Camea has longed to explore the world beyond the island kingdom of Adar. It is an impossible dream, especially if she follows tradition and marries the farmer her parents have selected for her. But then, Camea has never been one to follow expectations.

When the village witch announces she has been selected to be the Fire God’s next bride, Camea has no intention of sacrificing her life to appease the volcano. She plans to escape and follow the Stars to her dream.

Matai, once a prince of Adar, now pays a fiery penance for seducing one of the Fire God’s witches. He must take a new bride each year, then kill her—or condemn Adar to the lava. Unlike his past brides Camea doesn’t shed one tear for her fate, nor does she beg for her life.

In the face of death she sees the remnants of the man he used to be—and a way to save them both from the Fire God’s never-ending cycle of wrath. If Matai has the courage to trust his heart.

If you’d like to win an electronic copy of How To Breathe Fire leave a comment (and your email). Giveaway closes on the 18th, winner announced here on Wednesday 19th.



  1. Shona,

    This book sounds amazing. I have to say the cover art is gorgeous.
    I would love to know how you came up with the concept of a fire demon. Was there a god or myth or folklore that gave you inspiration?

  2. This book is definitely going on the 'to buy' list. Love the cover too.


  3. Awesome! This is the perfect kind of synopsis for me: it presents two strong characters with a seemingly impossible situation that has me already wondering how they will get out of it!

  4. Gabriella,
    I dreamed the setting, and Matai, and then spent ages working out why he was there—
    obviously under punishment—and how I was going to redeem him.

    The cover art is gorgeous!

    There is nothing more fun to write than an impossible situation.

  5. Wow this sounds extremely interesting:)
    I'm loving the sound of the whole fire God/sacrifice theme.
    Congrats on the release.

  6. Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes look Shona. Love the premise and the cover!!

  7. A tip from someone who's had a sneak peak at the story - a must read!!!! It is interesting, sexy and extremely well written.
    Go Shona!

  8. Fabulous premise and post. Sounds like a great book.
    Joy Held
    Writer Wellness, A Writer's Path to Health and Creativity
    Who Dares Wins Publishing

  9. Congrats on the release! Sounds great.
    Liz Arnold
    Message to Love
    The Wild Rose Press

  10. Hi Shona,

    This sounds really good and I can't wait to get the chance to hace a read of it further.



  11. You have amazing covers Shona and this one is no different. It's sounds like a wonderful story, can't wait to read it!!

  12. Fabulous cover and interesting premise - sounds good and I cant wait to read it.

  13. OMG, I love this cover! It's so evocative it gives me chills. And the blurb.... Awesome! Don't suppose you'd consider writing mine for me???
    Pick me, Shona! (Not that I'm begging or anything *g*)

  14. Based on the description I want to read this book and find out how Camea rescues them. Since the new Samhain site is live you should have a great release day.

  15. The new Samhain site is great... but I could be biased. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.