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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Magic Thursday - The "Forbidden" Goddesses

Between a warrior and a princess comes an erotic passion as all-consuming as the hatred between their warring worlds…

When Tiberius Valerius Maximus stormed into my mind late one August evening, I had no idea of the world he inhabited beyond the fact he was searching for his Druid princess lover, and there was a deranged High Druid lurking in the shadows. It wasn’t until I started writing Forbidden, book one in the Forbidden series set during the first century AD, that I uncovered the magical elements that were as much a part of their lives as the conflict between their two peoples.

I discovered the reason why Carys and her clan had been able to remain hidden from the Roman invaders was because the gods had constructed a magical enclave. I was enthralled. Who knew? But much as I wanted to keep writing to find out what happened next, I had only the most basic knowledge of the deities at the time, and so had to break off and do Research.

I have a love/hate relationship with research. I love it because it’s fascinating and there’s always so much to learn. But I hate the way time vanishes, hours, entire days if I don’t restrain myself! But I wasn’t under contract, I didn’t have an agent, and in a secret corner of my heart I didn’t think a book set in this time with these protagonists would ever find a home.

But I had to write the book.

Cerridwen, Goddess of Wisdom, was the driving force behind Forbidden. And yet the Morrigan, the Triple Aspect Great Goddess, demanded her voice be heard.

Trained in sensuality, a Druid priestess finds herself falling for the wrong man—the warrior who’s taken her prisoner…

Morwyn is Carys’s best friend and at the start of Captive is suffering from a crisis of faith. An acolyte of the Morrigan, she’s turned her back on everything she has ever believed in but in so doing is denying an essential part of her soul.

The hero, Bren, has been undercover in the Roman Legions for the last three years, and believes in nothing but fighting for his Briton king. Until he meets Morwyn, that is.

Despite the fact Morwyn considers Bren her bitterest enemy, she can’t deny the scorching desire that ignites between them. And why should she? To take him as her lover would infuriate the Morrigan. What sweet revenge!

But since when can a mortal take on a powerful goddess and hope to win?

The Morrigan is fascinating. As the War Goddess she represents devastation and regeneration. The Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone. The cycle of life.

Both Carys in Forbidden and Morwyn in Captive have to make seemingly impossible choices. The Signs from their goddesses aren’t always clear cut.

It’s all in the interpretation :-)

Excerpt: Chapter One of Captive (Over 18s only, please)

I’m giving away a copy of Forbidden to one lucky commenter or, if the winner doesn’t mind waiting until I receive my author copies in January, an early copy of Captive. Just leave a comment on this post, or tell us who is your fave god/goddess from ancient times and why?

I’ll pick a winner next Wednesday, 1st December (oh no not December already!!) so be sure to pop back then!

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Christina Phillips 


  1. One of my favorite Goddesses is Aphrodite because she is the mother of the God of love Eros (Cupid).

    seriousreader at live dot com

  2. Hi Christina
    Ohhh WOW..."I'll wait until you beg me"
    I'm begging (and panting) here!!!!
    Super gorgeous characters, you've got me hooked already:):)♥
    There are too many great Goddesses to choose from like Eireen, Diana, Brigit and Maeve but for me I think Athena is probably my favorite because of her warrior strength and great wisdom ♥

  3. I have to be honest and say I love the twisted versions of Greek & Roman gods and goddesses the TV show XENA created. I know, I know, they really aren't true G&G's but there were kernals of truth in their make-up. LOL

  4. That chap was great, Christina. When I got to the end I was like "noooo!"
    So I'll put myself in the draw.
    I like disney's portryal of Eris, the godess of Chaos and Discord in the movie Sinbad. She's just so non-chalant about her evilness, but Sinbad gets the better if her in the end!
    ...yes, I do love kid's disney movies, they make up half my dvd collection!

  5. Loved the chapter, Christina - great finishing line. A wonderful world you've developed here. Damn, another book to add to the list :)

  6. I have Forbidden on the top of my TBR pile - a reward for when I get some of my own writing goals done....so very tantalizing. Ancient times rock!!! (not that I'd be biased in any way).

    Looking forward to Captive. I love how you play with the ancients!

    Hmmm, ancient deities....too hard to choose. I grew up & still read about them all - from so many cultures. Probably most intrigued currently by the Celtic & Sth American pantheons (since I've studied the Greek & Roman crews).

    On a personal level I always seem to get Kali - very hard energy to work out how to live with. That whole create in the darkness from destruction thing...I'm slowly coming to peace with her ;)

  7. Hi Dark Side and Christina!!!

    Great post, and I'm so happy to announce my copy of Forbidden arrived today!!!!! So I'll take a copy of Captive if I'm lucky enough to win it. :)

    As for my favourite God? Hmmm good question... Probably would be Poseidon. I just love the name. In fact, all the Gods have pretty cool names. But there's something special about this one.

    Tam :)

  8. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by! I love Aphrodite too, great choice!

    Thanks, Cath! I am so in love with Bren. He lived to regret that rash promise *evil grin* I love all the warrior goddesses - thanks for dropping by!

  9. Kylie, I love twisted tales and there's so much fun to be had by giving new slants on ancient myths! Thanks for swinging by!

    Hi Jess! Huge congrats on the release of Sanctuary this week! It sounds awesome :-) So glad you enjoyed the chapter! I love villains who are so sure they're in the right they have no guilt!!!

  10. Thanks, Nicole! I love that world :-)Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Nicky! Ancient times definitely rock!! Kali is a fascinating goddess, I'd love to study her in more depth :-)

    Yay Tam! So glad Forbidden arrived! Poseidon is a great name, gotta love that trident :-)

  11. Hi Christina, I have Forbidden as my reward book - that is if I don't do any writing, I can't do any reading. Am loving it!! Captive looks like a great read too :))

    Gods and Goddesses are fascinating. The world is full of rich tales. Growing up with Greek mythology, I have always liked Athena - wise warrior and looked out for Odysseus. Though they are all fascinating.

  12. Hi Eleni! So glad you're enjoying Forbidden :-)

    Athena is a another fascinating goddess of wisdom, I've always loved her association with the owl :-)

  13. Hi Christina, I loved FORBIDDEN-- a real can't-put-it-down read. I enjoyed the way you intertwined the mythology through the story, enhancing the characters' motivations, love story and eroticism and giving a real depth to the clash with the villain. I can't wait to read more of your world in CAPTIVE.

  14. Kandy, thank you! I really enjoyed weaving in the mythology and discovering the world of my magical druids :-)I enjoyed the hot warriors, too :-)

  15. Hi Christina :)
    Thank you for the post & introducing me to you and your writing.
    I'm now following your blog & your twitter.
    My favorite god? Loki
    All the best,

  16. Hi RK Charron, thanks for stopping by! I love Norse mythology as well, Loki is a fascinating trickster god. I'd love to one day write about Vikings so I can explore that world in more detail!

  17. just dropping in to say FORBIDDEN rocked!!!! =))

  18. Hi Christina,

    I've just finished FORBIDDEN. It was fabulous!

    My fave male deity would have to be Poseidon, too. I was reading a picture book to a group of four year olds recently, about a diver who was invited to lunch with Poseidon, but was lamenting the fact he'd forgotten his fork. But it was okay, Poseidon had a spare. The kids didn't get it, but I had a giggle. :)


  19. Hi Emmeline, I'm so glad you enjoyed Forbidden!! Hehehe that's so funny about Poseidon having a spare fork!!!

  20. I always love a chance to tell you how AWESOME Forbidden was! Feb cannot come fast enough (is it sad that we all wish our life away..dreaming of the next release day of our fav books *_*)! I am excited to see where the next installment goes. My favorite god??? Would Sherrilynn kenyon's Acheron count? That man is to die for!!

  21. Hi practimom! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed Forbidden!! And yes I reckon Acheron counts, he's completely awesome!!

  22. Great chapter Christina - now I'm looking forward to reading both Forbidden and Captive.

    As for picking a favorite god/goddess, it's much too hard to pick just one there's so many I like and from all different cultures: Cerridwen, Raven, Loki, Nyx, Hades, (and even from the Xena world, I always thought Ares was kind of hot).

  23. Hi devon, thanks for popping by! I know, it's so hard to pick just one god/goddess - I have so many faves, basically whichever goddess I'm writing about now is my #1!