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Friday, 6 March 2015

Real Life Paranormal: Alien Abduction (interview)

An Interview of Alien Abduction

 This interview was sourced from www.ufocasebook.com

I will refer to myself as Mike and the person telling the story as Bo:

public domain pictures.net
Mike: I have heard a lot of abduction stories in the past. I was under the understanding they some how erased your memory. Why can you remember so much?

Bo: In the beginning I did not remember a lot. In fact very little. I had some medical issues and had to have surgery. They gave me Anesthesia. After the surgery I became more aware. I started remembering things in vivid detail about my abduction. It is almost like it turned part of my mind back on.

Mike: When did this event occur?

Bo: In 1988 I awoke to dogs barking. When I opened my eyes I was outside my house being escorted by 3 smaller beings to a round ball shaped craft sitting under a heavy power line.

Mike: Can you describe this craft in more detail?

Bo: I saw it was round some type of orb; it had no lights on it whatsoever. When the door opened and I was led into the craft I had to duck. I am only 5’4 I saw no windows. I estimate there was enough room for 13-15 people in there.

Mike: What did these beings look like?

Bo: They were very short. I am 5’4 and they came to about the height of my arm pit. I noticed big eyes small mouth.

Mike: How did they communicate with you?

Bo: At first it was talking normal. It then turned to some how mental. I would be thinking of things and then they would answer me by putting visions and answers in my head.

Mike: Were these little guys what people call gray’s?

Bo: I am not really sure. I found them very appalling so I keep looking down so I would not have to look directly at them.

Mike: How overall did they treat you?

Bo: The little ones were very rude and I would even say obnoxious things. I did not like them at all.
Mike: What happened when you entered the craft?

Bo: I was asking where are you taking me? Am I ever coming back. Telepathically they told me to relax. We were going to what I knew as the moon. I would be allowed to come home.

Mike: Did you in fact go to the moon? Can you remember anything about the flight?

Bo: Yes, the orb I was in did something. When it took off I was pulled forward. This was really weird to me. Anything I have been in that left fast, Launched me backwards. This orb I was pulled forward. 15 seconds after I felt this I was told we were on the moon.

Mike: Then what happened?

Bo: The next thing I remember I came to, I was naked in a pool filled with a greenish gel and 14 or 15 other humans. Some where moving under the gel, a woman was screaming and crying for help. Another man was trying to crawl out of the pool. It was very slippery. He would get about ½ way out and a blue-colored beam came out and kept knocking him back into the pool.

Mike: Can you describe this pool to me?

Bo: Yes, can you imagine the shape of a drill head? You drill into something just to get the hole started so the edges are rounded.

Mike: Yes

Bo: That is the shape. Like it was built with a giant drill.

Mike: Can you explain the gel you were in? There purpose for putting you in there?
Bo: I was thinking to myself why am I here what are they going to do to me trying not to freak out.
They put into my mind the gel was harmless. I was told If I went under I could breath the gel and even eat it. If I had to defecate in the gel after eating it was ok. It would come out as it went in. Seeing people moving around under the gel I believed them.

Mike: Did you go under and breath the gel?

Bo: No, I refused to go under. To your last question, I believe the gel was a way to decontaminate us.

Mike: Then what happened ?

Bo: 3 of the smaller ones who took me to the orb came in to escort me to a room. I did not like these guys at all. They kept touching me and I could not stand their touch.

Mike: What did it feel like when they would touch you?

Bo: It wasn't warm like a human touch but it was not cold. It was like touching a fish with little prick lies on it. They kept touching me walking me thru this hall. I was starting to have thoughts of hitting one of them.

Mike: Couldn't they read those thoughts?

Bo: Yes, I am sure they did because they must have called this really big guy who walked up to us. He asked me to relax and said he would help me thru this and answer my questions. He then walked me into a room.

Mike: Can you explain the layout of the place you where in? Perhaps how it was lit?

Bo: No it was dark. I knew it must be large. There were lights. But nothing like I have ever seen. They were like black lights. But nothing glowed like it does in a black light.

Mike: What did the tall guy look like?

public domain pictures.net
Bo: He looked very human but hatefully ugly. I did not want to offend him so I continued to look at the ground when we spoke. I did not want to offend him. I had a very strong feeling he was trying to help me and he was not pushy or rude like the little guys.

Mike: So what was in the room they took you into?

Bo: It looked from what I could see to be doctor’s room. The big guy said to me; they wanted to put something into me for tracking reasons. He asked if I would cooperate? I said; as long as you don't hurt me. He said; I will be with you, they will not harm you in anyway. I trusted him. He led me to a chair and had me sit down in it.

Mike: Please continue.

Bo: Well the little guys look at me and asked me to turn my head to the right just a little bit. I do not know how they did it, but with my right eye I could see my other eyeball. I watched them put a very small shiny object, about the size of a half grain of rice into the back of my eyeball. Within less than a minute, they were done and my full vision was restored.

Mike: Wow this is amazing.

Bo: Why do you think I don't like to publicize this stuff. People will think I am full of it. But Mike:, as sure as I sit here I am telling you the gods honest truth.

Mike: Before we continue would you answer a question for me?

Bo: Yes

Mike: If your name is not released would you be willing to take a polygraph or any other truth agent to verify what you are telling us.

Bo: ABSOLUTELY without hesitation.

Mike: Thank you. So what happened next?

Bo: The big Alien who I may add was human. But god awful ugly. Walked me into some type of control room. What I found amazing was the people running this room turned out to be 13-15 year old humans. I know because they looked right at me and smiled. They were perfect.
I was thinking what do these guys eat? How do they live up here? As I was leaving the room with my escort. We came to a room and went in. I saw a cow hanging head up. I could not see anything holding it in place.
He showed me in my head, How they actually make the cows as they need them. I asked him why. He replied; What do Babies eat? Milk of course. What do adults eat? Meat? Correct. He said by them cloning the food needed for humans; it was pure. No diseases or imperfections.

Mike: So what happened next.

Bo: We stood around and he showed me thing of what was and what was in our near future. They have been around longer than we have. Helping us all along the way. Including the Egyptians. He explai
ned they cannot live on Earth because they age differently here than we do.

Mike: Did they help the Mayans? As well?

Bo: No, they did get help. But not from them. But they showed me Atlantis. It was awesome. They had everything. They abused the technology given to them. Thus it was their own doing they erased themselves. The Egyptians, they helped. There are traces of them left behind in the ruins of Egypt.
I asked the big guy why the back of the moon. He said to me thru my mind. It is the only place in our solar system that they cannot be detected by humans. We fly by and swing into the back.
He assured me by the rate we are doing things. By the year 2015 the whole world will have no doubt they are here. We will first come across them on the Moon. Then soon after, we will look up into the sky and it will be full of there ships; thousands of them, leaving no doubt that they are real.
The world will clean itself again by eliminating all life on her. They are to repopulate us after this happens. Like they have done so many times before. They will save the human race. Remember, they are us a million years from now.

After this I found myself back in my house with 5 minutes to get to work.

Source & References:
Mr Albert Spiteri (Malta)
Published by UFO Casebook

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