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Friday, 2 January 2015

Real Life Paranormal with J.L Addicoat

Grandfather's Final Salute 


My grandfather was born in 1907. In 1940, with three children and a wife at home, he joined the Army and was sent away to war. He served in the 2/8 Battalion and survived having a ship sunk underneath him, making it home in virtually one piece in 1943.

As a small girl, I remember the trips to my grandparent’s house in Thornbury. Grandpa interested me. He smelled of pipe tobacco and beer. Once we arrived, he would sit me on his knee and rub his bristly stubble over my face. He wouldn’t do this to anyone else, just me. When I asked why, my father replied it was because I was special. My initials were the same as his. J. L. A. 

As I grew older we’d sit and talk. I often asked him what he’d done in the war and the answer was always the same.
“It doesn’t matter what I did, what matters is that you will never have to go through what I did.”
He would never tell me what had happened to him and only recently have I been able to obtain a copy of his records.
I told him that I would join the Army, just as he had, to defend our country. His answer was, “I hope you never need to, my girl, but I will be proud of you if you do.”
Grandpa died in 1973 when I was 11 years old.

In February 1980, aged 18, I joined the Regular Army and was sent to WRAAC (Womens Royal Australian Army Corps) School, Mosman NSW for six weeks of boot camp. They worked us hard and each night we feel into bed exhausted. I loved it.

One night, after being asleep for about an hour, I woke, not knowing what had woken me. A mist gathered at the foot of my bed and a distinct form emerged. Years had passed since I’d last seen him, but I’d have recognized him anywhere. He nodded to me, smiled, stood to attention and saluted me. I saluted back. As his arm returned to his side, he faded away.

I will never forget he remembered the promise I’d made as a child and had come to visit and say well done.


Old buildings have an eerie haunting feeling, and the 17th Century Manor house in the Cornish countryside Julia intends to restore, is no exception. Originally her dead husband’s dream, she feels it’s up to her to complete it in his memory. 

When she arrives, she realizes it’ll take more than a quick clean to put the dilapidated old Manor to rights. While exploring the house, she feels as someone, or something, is watching her. Darting shadows and movements, seen from the corner of her eyes, seem to confirm sinister happenings at the Manor in the past. 

The discovery of an old diary hidden in a chest of drawers and the story it tells, lead Julia in a different direction than she originally thought she would be taking.

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I'm J. L. Addicoat and I'm a published Author.
I have one book Published and have a second one under consideration.
My works contain genres of  Romance, Paranormal and Science fiction.
I will be taking those who peruse these pages on a budding Authors journey, with pages on problems I encounter, tips from other writers and any pitfalls I may experience.
Maybe you would like to join me on my journey?
A little bit about me.
I live in the small country town of Gin Gin in Queensland Australia, with my husband Kevin and two spoilt felines, Ginge and Pookie (Spook). He's the one in the picture.
I have three children, all who are grown up with their own families. Books have always been a love in my life. They bring knowledge, but also an escape into another world where anything is possible.


  1. Thanks for sharing your memories about your grandfather. While sorting through some of my mother's old cupboards, I found pictures of my great great grandfather. My goodness, I couldn't believe how good looking he was. I thought to myself, if I wasn't married and if he wasn't dead, I'd go for him in an instant. He he. In your grandfather's case, memories of the war are sometimes too painful to talk about, and it sounds obvious he was proud of you. My grandparents never talked all that much to me about it. I think they just wanted to forget. Thanks for your post.

  2. A poignant tale, J.L. Thank you.

  3. How great you had a lovely relationship with your grandfather - that the connection was still there years after his passing. Thanks for sharing it with us.