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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Good News Day

Welcome to this week's good news....

coming to you this week by Cassandra L Shaw


Peta Crake has Sacrifice, the second book in the Ophelia Lind series is now available at most ebook retailers.

Ophelia Lind has never been your average girl, but since becoming the Harbinger, her life has become even more complicated. Still a messenger for the Olympic gods, Ophelia is desperately trying to balance her new position with her complicated family. The only thing that's been going well is her deepening relationship with demigod Aden.

When a message delivery goes awry, a dangerous artefact is stolen, and a woman beloved of the gods goes missing, Ophelia falls under suspicion and she realises that once again she's become caught up in a sinister plot. And if that weren't enough, someone is stirring up trouble between her and Aden. As the threats begin to escalate, Ophelia must try to clear her name before the gods take action. But will she be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect what she loves most…

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PFAQXX8/
Apple: http://tinyurl.com/nyvzmrx
Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/mwfxsg9
Google: http://tinyurl.com/mq6m77x
Destiny Romance: http://www.destinyromance.com/products/9781760140922/sacrifice
Penguin: http://www.penguin.com.au/products/9781760140922/revenge

Peta has been contracted by Destiny Romance to write Defiance, the third book in the Ophelia Lind series. It will be available mid-2015.

you can Find Peta here: www.petacrake.com
 Delwyn Jenkins has her Claimed by Earth
released with Momentum in December.

Mycah Dunleavy has two goals in life: to protect her friends and to defend the World Below. In order to take her fight to the enemy she must become the most powerful witch she can be. But that power comes at a price.

In fulfilling her first goal, she committed the cardinal sin of using her magic to harm others. And to attain the second, she must combine in a ritual with a Watchtower Knight … despite the fact she can't bear to be touched.

Undaunted by Mycah’s defensive armor, Sebastian wants to claim her as his own and he intends to woo her long and slow. Then Mycah comes up with a crazy plan to gain more power and he becomes nothing more than a means to an end—a role he has no intention of accepting without a fight.

But there are bigger threats to deal with in the World Between. Mycah's life is threatened, four Witches are kidnapped, and once again the enemy is knocking at the door. Time is running out, and if Sebastian and Mycah don't find a way to work together, both of their worlds could be lost.

you can find Delwyn here:  http://www.delwynjenkins.com/

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