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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Magic Thursday with J.M. Bray ~ How to Wrap Up a Series

It's my great pleasure to have JM Bray back on the Dark Sider blog today, with a post on how it feels to finish writing a series. Over to you, JM :-)

Currently I’m editing my third novel, Shrouded, with the intension of submitting it to my publisher in December (glances at calendar). The story is there, I love it. Every critique partner that’s read it cried at least twice…so I feel like it’s gong the right direction. But here’s the hitch:

Part of me doesn’t want to finish it.

It’s the last book in the Shroud Trilogy and when it goes, I feel like I’ll lose something. Some writers love wrapping things up, they enjoy tying the bow. I thought I was one of them, until now. I have other stories, one of which I’m 35k into writing, but its not this story, it’s not my first, it’s not the one I’ve lived with for all these years. As a result, I find myself over analyzing, finding faults, fixating on minutia. I’m also unable to write anything else. Even doing this article was like pulling teeth.

At first, I suspected that writer’s block had finally hit. Now, I’m not so sure. It’s feeling more like cowardice. A fear that the next story wont work, or happen, that the magic which made words fall from my fingertips in a deluge, will be carried away on the winds of change. I suppose there’s really nothing I can do, except move forward and see.

What happens with you at the end of a story, or series? Are you good with it or do you get twisted up as well?


JM Bray is the author of the Tearing the Shroud and Mending the Shroud, through Escape Publishing. Look for a special on the first novel via Kobo in December!

Twitter: @jmbraybooks

Website: www.jmbray.com


  1. Thanks for having me over for a visit!

  2. Its a strange thing when you finish a series. I always feel like the characters lives go on but we are not watching anymore.