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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Enchanted Orb with Peta Crake

Peta Crake writes urban fantasy and paranormal romances. Today she is sharing the inspiration behind her latest release, Sacrifice.


Inspiration for new characters and stories can often come on the lyrics of a song or a random comment by a stranger. But what about series? Is inspiration the same when you are writing the second or third book in a series that features the same main character?

The inspiration for my latest book, Sacrifice, the second Ophelia Lind novel, was totally different from that of my previous two novels, Harbinger and Revelry. While they were mostly inspired by music, this time I was predominantly inspired by locations.

Places I had been to or seen photographs of sent story ideas rumbling through my brain. The Valley of the Giants, which features in both Harbinger and Sacrifice, is near where I grew up. As a kid it always seemed a magical place – peaceful and mysterious. There was always an eeriness too, probably due to the warnings by parents not to wander off or we’d never find our way back. It was the perfect home for a tall green dryad.

Last year I went to Las Vegas and from the moment I walked into our hotel I knew Phi would go there. I didn’t know why, but at the time I presumed it would be to deliver a message. It wasn’t that I thought “hey this would be a cool place to send Phi” it was more that I could actually see her there. I could see her striding down the long shop-lined corridors linking hotels and casinos, I could see her staring at the arid landscape and breathing the hot, dry air. The d├ęcor of the hotel, the entertainment in one of its restaurants and a day trip to go horse riding all contributed as inspiration for a number of scenes.

Of one thing I’m glad, there was no real life inspiration for the first setting in Sacrifice...Tartarus. The closest I could probably get to that would be a lava flow or maybe the inside of an active volcano. Hmmm, maybe I should have gone to Hawaii for added inspiration.

What about you? Have you ever been anywhere or seen a place on television or in a movie and been inspired? Have you ever seen a photo of a place and your first reaction was a feeling more than a thought?

Blurb for Sacrifice:

Ophelia Lind has never been your average girl, but since becoming the Harbinger, her life has become even more complicated. Still a messenger for the Olympic gods, Ophelia is desperately trying to balance her new position with her complicated family. The only thing that's been going well is her deepening relationship with demigod Aden.

When a message delivery goes awry, a dangerous artefact is stolen, and a woman beloved of the gods goes missing, Ophelia falls under suspicion and she realises that once again she's become caught up in a sinister plot. And if that weren't enough, someone is stirring up trouble between her and Aden. As the threats begin to escalate, Ophelia must try to clear her name before the gods take action. But will she be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect what she loves most…

Buy Links for Sacrifice: Amazon | Apple | Kobo | Google | Penguin

Other books: Harbinger | Revelry

About the author:

Peta Crake grew up in a small town on the south coast of Western Australia, where the idea of fairies and monsters residing in the thick forests was perfectly believable. After spending nearly a decade living in Japan and revelling in its culture, she turned her hand to writing.

Now living back in Australia with a husband, two kids, a cuddle-addicted cat, and a thoroughly confused dog, she writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance full of strong sassy heroines, surprising heroes and disturbed side-kicks.

Peta is the author of the Ophelia Lind novels Harbinger and Sacrifice and the stand-alone novel Revelry.

Where to connect with Peta:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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  1. Great post Peta. I love it when you visit somewhere and your first reaction is an emotional one. You feel like you have been there before in a previous life.