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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Bite Of... Magical Redemption

For this week's A Bite Of... we have Magical Redemption, by Nicola E. Sheridan... (that's me)

 Describe Magical Redemption in five words or less?
Fun, exciting, magical, mythical, romance

Who was the most enjoyable character to write?
I loved writing Jinx, my large nosed Lebanese heroine, who also happens to be a Genie. She was lovely to write and I had a lot of fun with her. I also loved writing Lucian so much from the an earlier book, that I had to give him his own story.

Who would play your characters in a movie?
I actually gave a copy of this book to Jason Momoa when I met him at Comicon last year, because his is a massive source of manspiration for me!
If I wanted anyone to play Jinx, I'd say it would have to be an unknown actress with a regal-sized nose.

And here's the excerpt!

"What is your price?" Lucian's tone was getting colder. He curled his lip as if the words tasted bad.

There was another sinister silence before the woman spoke.

"I want your word you will give me the genie when you have recieved all your wishes."

Jinx heard her own sharp inhalation of breath roar like a vaccum in her head before her stomach launched into her throat and threatened to choke her. She forgot the commodity she was, and for a moment, she almost forgot it all.

This is what being around demon spawn does, she thought. The gorgeous smell that he wears like a cloak must be his evil pheromone. She stared up at him, waiting for his angry rebuttal. Surely, the man who commanded her to hold his hand, who bought her clothes and curry-puffs, wouldn't just hand her over to a faceless magical being in an orange shroud?

She was mistaken.

"Yes," he said, gazing steadily down the manhole.

With that one word, Jinx through she'd crumble. Of course she was expendable. How dare she think otherwise. Once she gave him the three wishes, she'd be of no further use to him, and he'd soon forget her. There was no point in pretending otherwise. Lucian wasn't the kind of man to pretend or play games, anyway.

Her heart wanted to break.

"Shall we shake on it?" the shrouded woman asked.

"Of course," Lucian agreed and pulled his hand free from Jinx.

Jinx looked away. She didn't want to see them shake on it. There was nothing she could say to change it, nothing she could do at all. She was a slave and always would be. 

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