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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Bite Of... Loving the Prince

After a brief break, we are back with Nicole Murphy and A Bite Of... Loving the Prince.

Can you, in less than five words describe your book? 
Corporate espionage, betrayal, and love on a moon.

Who is your favourite character? 
Cassandra Wiltmore – I first came up with her when I was 14 as my tribute to Princess Leia from Star Wars. 30 years later, she finally gets to live!

What inspired you to write it?
When it comes to my storytelling, there were two formative influences in my life – seeing Star Wars and reading the Lord of the Rings. I’ve written homages to both of them. The Lord of the Rings one was TERRIBLE, but then so was Cassandra to start with. I perservered with that and now it’s come true. So maybe it’s time for me to return to the forests of Aethanworld…

And here's the snippet...

Cassandra didn’t see Kernan for the next couple of days but when he came to present his report, the awareness that crawled over her skin made her wonder if she’d ever be over him.
Then she remembered she hadn’t seen Di for a couple of days either, thought about what they’d undoubtedly been doing to each other and nausea rose.
She took the memory stick from his hand and plugged it into her reader. Most of it was as she had expected: increased patrols, new coverings on the ducts, more frequent checks of the building. His idea for securing the enriched balcite interested her.
‘A balcite-threaded glass room, open-roofed, walls reaching to the ceiling. Palm and iris locked, restricting numbers of employees allowed access.’ She looked up at him. ‘Someone could use the tracks to drop down into it.’
‘The tracks would be removed from the area. We would need to think about where we positioned it so we didn’t interfere with the moving of the balcite, but we’ll still know what the internal environment is because it will be the same as the rest of the warehouse and the clearness of the walls will mean the E is still under constant surveillance.’
‘Near the stairway up to the offices.’ Cassandra focussed on the far wall as she thought. ‘We can’t move balcite there anyway because it gets in people’s way and blocks their view as they move up and down the staircase.’ She focussed on Kernan and nodded. ‘I like it. I like it a lot. I’ll send it straight through to security.’
‘Thanks.’ A pause, then, ‘So, how’s Hera doing?’
Heartbroken. ‘Fine. How about you?’
He shrugged. ‘Luckily, I’ve got this manic boss who’s working me so hard I don’t have time to think about could-have-beens.’
Did that mean he wasn’t doing the nasty with Di at night? ‘Well, if the pace is too much for you, say the word and I’ll find something calmer.’
Kernan grinned. ‘Work me hard. Whip me. I’ll enjoy it.’
Boy, she really didn’t need the mental image of him enjoying a whipping. ‘Begone.’ She waved him away.
When she walked in the front door of their home that night, Cassandra was surprised to find Diana there. ‘Taking a night off?’ Cassandra said as she flung herself onto the lounge.
‘I’m over him,’ Diana said. ‘Only so much a girl can take.’
Of Kernan? Cassandra doubted it. ‘Good.’
A pause, then Diana laughed. ‘It’s killing you, isn’t it?’
‘What is?’
‘Picturing me with Kernan. You’re dying to ask, but at the same time you don’t want to face it because it really will be the end of your dreams for him. I mean, how can he want you after he’s had me?’
‘Fuck off, Diana.’ Cassandra closed her eyes.
‘He likes to undress you slowly.’ Diana’s voice dampened to a soft, throaty timbre, ‘tracing his fingers over your skin, as if he wants to arouse every single inch of you.’
A more exquisite torture had never been devised. Cassandra didn’t want to hear this but Diana was right — she did want to know. Wanted some hint of reality to base her fantasies on.
‘He likes to find every place on your body that will respond to his touch. Every woman is different, and he makes sure he learns what you need, what you like, so that he can touch you to make you greedy for him.’
‘I’m thinking steak for dinner.’ Cassandra tried for nonchalance but was sure her dry throat and quivering insides were evident in her voice.
‘And when he takes you — ’
‘That’s enough.’ Cassandra launched to her feet. ‘I don’t want to hear about you having sex with Kernan.’ She marched into the kitchen, Diana following.
‘Really? I thought it sounded really good. Hot. Enough to make you tingle and squirm. Are you tingling, Cassandra? Are you turned on?’
Cassandra started to bang pots and pans around.
‘I’m turned on,’ Diana said. ‘Shame I’m never going to know if I’m right or not.’
Cassandra dropped the pot she was holding and spun around. ‘What?’
‘Yep. Outright turned me down. Not interested. Not now, not ever. So, I guess it’s up to you to see if it’s three times the lucky charm with the Wiltmore women and Kernan Radaton.’ Diana winked and sauntered out of the room.
Damn her to the deserts of Jorda.
Cassandra pushed down the glee that Diana and Kernan hadn’t been together and turned back to making dinner. It didn’t matter. He wasn’t interested in her and she had no intention of making a fool of herself.
He would remain in her dreams, and that was all.

Thank you for sharing Nicole!

If you'd like to find out more about Nicole Murphy and her books, check out the links below.

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