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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Good News Day

Welcome to this week's good news
brought to you this week by Nicole Murphy


Congratulations to Carolyn Wren, who has sold her first full-length novel to Secret Cravings Publications. Empathy will be out in March 2015. Here's the blurb:

What if you could feel emotions of everyone around you as a physical sense? What if someone you know is kidnapped, and you feel them die?

Three friends, their empathic gifts hidden from the world, experience every terrifying moment of a kidnapping and murder, as it happens.

Despite having no suspect, and no body, headstrong, stubborn, Meredith Baron has to convince cynical detective, Mike Stone of the terrible crime, by any means possible. Oliver Lord must overcome his unwillingness to reveal his special abilities, both to the distrustful Mike, and to Zoe, the woman Oliver secretly loves. When Kira Duke, the most powerful of the empaths is the next victim, a desperate encounter with lonely widower, Drew Atherton and his mysterious child, Sally, changes her life forever.

This unlikely group of people must work together before the assailant strikes again. But how do you catch a murderer, when your only clue is emotion?

S E Gilchrist has signed a three book contract with Escape Publishing in her Darkon Warriors world, (a science fiction, action /adventure romance series on the steamy side!). The next book, When Stars Collide has been scheduled for an October 2014 release.


Kylie Griffin placed third in the inaugural Koru Award from Romance Writer's of New Zealand with Allegiance Sworn. The Koru is a popular voted award, presented at the RWNZ conference.

The first book in SE Gilchrist's Darkon Warriors series, Legends Beyond the Stars, placed 2nd in its category in the Passionate Ink RWA chapter 9th Annual Passionate Plume contest.


Loving the Prince, the first book in the Jorda series by Nicole Murphy, has been released by Escape Publishing. The second book, Winning the King will be released in December and the third, Saving her Heart, in April 2015.

Cassandra Wiltmore is the heir to the throne of Rica, but it’s unlikely she’ll be stepping up any time soon. So she spends her days managing and building the Rican Balcite Mining Company. The company has made her family wealthy beyond imagination, but that kind of power needs careful control, and Cassandra is just the Wiltmore to control it.

When a new bid for the mining license is announced, Cassandra is determined to squash it. Then the thefts and threats begin, and every step she takes seems to be wrong. Taking on a new protector seems like an indulgence Cass can’t afford, but she equally cannot afford to be caught off-guard. If only the best man for the job wasn’t also the best-looking man she’s ever seen.

Kernan Radaton has ambition, and as protector to Cassandra Wiltmore, he’s well placed to reach all his long-held goals. If only his new all-business boss didn’t make him think of only pleasure. With the company, the heir and the family under attack, the last thing anyone needs is a distraction. But once everything is safe again, Kernan is developing new ambitions — ones that involve a lot of very personal time spent getting to know his boss on a very personal level.

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