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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Magic Thursday with @melteshco Dipping my Toe Back into Self-Publishing

Although paranormal romance seems to be a genre that rode the gigantic wave before toppling over the other side (until the next wave) I still love reading and writing about shape shifters, vampires and werewolves (not to mention gargoyles, dragons and aliens…but they’re a whole other book.) 

My first attempt at a fully written, full length story, had so many edits, so many critiques, and so many near misses with publishers, it might well have gathered dust at the far back of my computer’s memory. But it won/finaled in some great comps and I knew I could save it with some TLC. So I dusted it off, reread it (again) with fresh eyes and made some much needed changes. Having a great CP was a godsend too =)

Now seven years or so later, Shadow Hunter is finally out there, self-published. I decided long ago I wouldn’t put all my eggs into one basket. I intend to build my self-published titles right alongside my traditionally published books. I have my rights back to three more titles, which I will release early September. One thing I love about self-publishing is the freedom to try different prices, creating different blurbs (until the right one resonates with the readers) and choosing your own cover. Also being able to see exactly how many sales are being made is pretty cool too.

In the meantime Shadow Hunter is my first ‘baby’ out there—well aside from another paranormal story I released as Identity Shift and which is now with Ellora’s Cave and retitled, Scratch. 

So if you enjoy paranormal stories set in Australia and featuring secret societies of vampires, werewolves (and their hybrids) as well as shape shifters, then this story might be your cup of tea =)


When Altair, king of the vampires, leaves behind his queen Kyra to become a despised vampire-werewolf hybrid, his shadow hunter wife becomes his biggest enemy.

But what Kyra doesn’t count on is the attraction still burning hot between them and on Altair’s final act of betrayal. To save her life, he forces her to drink his blood…and turns her into his own kind. A hated hybrid.
Shadow hunters now too become her enemy. But she soon learns Altair isn't the only man willing to protect her from her once vampire comrades.

When the time comes to choose between her two fierce protectors will she follow her head … or her heart?

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  1. Another great sounding story, Mel. How exciting.

  2. It looks like a great story and I agree about not putting all your eggs in one basket. I hope you sell a lot of copies.

  3. Thanks Cathleen! You're the queen of self-publishing, I might need to pick your brains now and then =)

  4. Thanks Marie, this story was a long time in the making (or should I say remaking), so I have my fingers crossed =)

  5. Sounds awesome, Mel. Congratulations on your new release. I also believe in having a finger in lots of pies! I love the cover too.