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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Magic Thursday ~ The Start of my Paranormal Journey

with Enisa Haines

One instance after another in my life, of events that can only be explained as paranormal, firmed my belief that another world exists. A world in another dimension that I can’t see, inhabited by supernatural beings blessed, or cursed, with powers not granted to humans.

Who are these beings? What are they? Maybe they’re the vampires of Rumanian lore, the valkyries of Norse mythology, or the faeries of Irish legend. All beings that intrigue me, but the beings that fascinate me the most are angels. 

Exquisitely beautiful, granted immortality and the ability to fly, these spiritual beings created from light live life in perfect harmony. Or do they?

The four monotheistic religions say that many millennia ago a war raged in Heaven. Lucifer, considering himself God’s favourite angel, refused to bow to Man, God’s new creation. Angered that he was asked, yearning the reverence that God received, Lucifer attempted to take God’s place as the being Most High. A move that resulted in Lucifer being cast from Heaven into the depths of Hell forevermore.

How did Lucifer react to being exiled from Heaven? Does he blame Man for his predicament? Does he plot revenge and escape or has he adapted to his new home? Does he still have his powers or was he stripped of them?

When I imagine the War in Heaven, these questions, and many more, appear. Why did Lucifer embrace pride and envy? Who were the angels that sided with Lucifer and fell from Heaven with him? Do they regret falling? What are they doing now? Are they as bound to Hell as Lucifer is or are they permitted times of leave? And what about the human souls that inhabit Hell? How did they fall? Do they have a chance at redemption, or freedom?

Answers come to mind, many and varied, and my muse awakens and the stories are there for me to discover and reveal.

So began my advent into the paranormal romance genre, and I am currently immersed in writing those stories.

What’s next? Who knows? Valkyries, perhaps.

About Enisa

As a child Enisa would gaze up at a star-studded sky and wonder, Is there anybody out there? A vivid imagination nursed on fairy tale goblins, fairies, witches and angels brought to life otherworldly beings that just might live out there. Somewhere. Add a little fairy-tale romance and a dose of intrigue, and the supernatural world enthralled.

Enisa is a founder of Romance Writers of Australia and wishes to share with others as curious as her the genre of her heart: Paranormal Romance. ‘When Darkness Calls’, the first of a planned trilogy involving angels, placed 3rd in the 2014 Romance Writers of Australia Selling Synopsis competition.

*the images are used as illustration for this post. Copyright remains with the owners. 


  1. Can't wait to find out more about the stories you are creating from all your questions Enisa.

    1. I can't wait to find out either, Cassie. Amazing what can be revealed when you let your mind free.

  2. Wherever your stories take us, I'm sure they will be an amazing ride, Enisa. Thanks for your inspiring post :)

  3. Thank you Georgia May.

    1. Oops! Slip of the fingers there, sorry.
      Thank you Georgia.

  4. Certainly inspires the imagination, Enisa. And love those photos