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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Magic Thursday ~ it’s the end of the world as we know it

Today, M.J. Scott talks to us about ending her Half-Light City series...

Fire Kin 

with M.J. Scott

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Well, at least, it’s the end of this series. Four books later and what was meant to be a trilogy is done (longwinded, who me?). 

Writing the last book in a series is trickier than I thought. Working out how to fix all the problems I’d set up, how to resolve plot lines and which ones might be left ambiguous is not that easy. I don’t know how people who write longer series do it. Throw into the mix a heroine who was being pretty stubborn, a hero who was determined to be just as stubborn as her and my own mixed feelings about finishing my very first series and it was not the easiest book to write. Though hopefully it’s lots of fun to read! 

I’ve really loved writing the Half-Light books and hopefully I get to play some more in this world at some point. But for now, there are new worlds beckoning and new characters to torture … words to warm a writer’s heart. 

So I hope you like this finale and will then come along with me to some new beginnings!

Fire Kin

Imagine a city divided…a city readying itself for a war. The vampire Blood and the shape-shifting Beast Kind seek to seize control now that the treaty is broken. Only the humans stand in their way…but they stand without their Fae allies…and they desperately need help….

I chose to stay with the humans when the Fae withdrew from the City. I am a healer, and they need me. I know the odds are against them. I know they need reinforcements. But I never expected them to turn and seek aid from the depths of my past. Asharic is a powerful Fae, exiled by the Veiled Queen thirty years ago. Leaving me behind. But now the queen is dead and the throne is vacant, and Ash is returning to the City—my City—with his mercenary army.

It would be false to deny that there is still a spark between us, but I will not be taken in again. And I’m not the only one disturbed by his return. A Blood lord is poised to conquer the Half-Light City, and other enemies new and old are gathering to eliminate the threat Ash poses. To save the City, we will have to join forces. And pray we’re not the ones who burn…

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  1. What a bitter-sweet time for you, M.J. Enjoy!! and happy creating new worlds.