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Friday, March 21, 2014

What We Are Reading-March

Welcome to What We Are Reading for March!

Kylie Griffin
Lover at Last by JRWard

This was a hard review to write as there are so many conflicting impressions left now that I've finished the book. I've been hanging out for Quinn and Blay's story yet I have to say now that I've read it I don't know whether I truly enjoyed it or not. Let me try to explain why.

I'm a huge fan of JRWard and the BDB series but over the last few books I've found the divergent plot lines and introduction of new characters hard to integrate and keep track of.

Getting into Love At Last was difficult because of these issues. Every time secondary character plot lines cropped up, and drew me away from Blay and Quinn's story I have to admit it was hard not to skim so I could get back to their story.

I can see why Ward has introduced these secondary characters and plot lines but I really do believe this detracted from the enjoyment of Blay and Quinn's story. What I read of it was bloody fantastic but I felt cheated because so much else was going on and their romance/story suffered because of it. It felt...disjointed and the usual intensity of emotion Ward conveys so darn well in her characters and their particular stories, while there, the potential lacked the sharp intensity usually present.

I came away wanting to read more in this series, although I have to admit now most of the main character's stories have been written, I'm not sure which character will be next.

This book is definitely not one to pick up and read without having read the others in the series.

Imogene Nix
Wild Things by Chloe Neill

I've just finished Wild Things (umm I already want more!)

Where do I even start? Book 9 and I still can't get enough of the storyline. Ethan and Merit are sensational together and wow! Thanks Chloe Neill for the payoff between them. Totally. Awesome.

But I'm going to be holding my breath until the next instalment. What will happen with the GP? When will we see where the prophecy is going? Where will Gabe, Tanya, Catcher, Mallory, Fallon, Jeff and now Damien feature in this?

I'm also hanging out to see what will happen. Wasn't there a prophecy involving Merit one day having her own house? Will that happen when/if Ethan becomes the head of the GP or where?

So many questions, so many opportunities. But quickly, you have everything in this book. Sorcery, harpies, werewolves, vampires, (those amazingly annoying) nymphs, sylphs and even now the odd giantess. Seth Tate turns up again - but no spoilers - and the situation remains dangerous.

Chicago has a lot happening all the time with more politicians who are really crooked and of course what will happen to the RG and Jonah (who also appear in this book) is anybody's guess.

Oh and lets not forget Morgan getting a little roughed up as well as Scott Grey. And lastly, Cadogan House once again comes out the winner.

Please Chloe Neill, keep writing this series, because IT ROCKS!
Jenny Schwartz
Half-Off Ragnarok by Seanan McGuire

I've been waiting for "Half-Off Ragnarok" by Seanan McGuire FOREVER! I love her Incryptid series, and this third instalment didn't disappoint. I can't share any spoilers, but if you're an Aussie, you'll adore this American's re-imagining of our cryptozoology.

Janni Nell
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I’ve just read The Hunger Games. Yeah, I know, I’ve been living under a rock for the last few years. Anyways, whatever, all I can say about that book is: I LOVED IT!!!!! Suzanne Collins you are a legend!!! What a great idea!!! Such a brilliant plot!!! And a truly loveable character in Katniss. The voice was wonderful and while we’re on voice—so amazing how Jennifer Lawrence embodied that voice in the movie, she did more than just play Katniss. And, at the risk of using up my quota of exclamation marks for the next ten years… Did I mention I loved the movie too!!! One of the best book to screen adaptations ever!!!! Okay, now I can get back to reading Catching Fire….

Happy Reading!
Shona Husk

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