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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Bite Of... Mending The Shroud

This fortnight, it is with much pleasure I welcome J. M. Bray, with a bite of his Mending the Shroud.

Mending the Shroud is Book 2 in the Shroud Series. Mending the Shroud is currently submitted to Escape Publishing and I anticipate a mid-year release. We will see!

Can you, in less than five words describe your book Mending the Shroud?
Romantic, Fantasy, Exciting, Tense, Heroic

Who would you get to play your heroine in a movie? 
There are many heroines in The Shroud series, in fact they outnumber the men. One that’s featured in Mending the Shroud is Sari. Julianne Hough would be my first pick to play her if they made the movie now.

What inspired you to write it?
Though Book 1, Tearing the Shroud, comes to a nice conclusion in the main story, the sub-plots and characters left some unanswered possibilities. Mending the Shroud carries the story forward, picking up a month later. This one really ties things up…but there is a third novel coming. Muuuhahahaaaa

And here's the excerpt....

The Master stepped from the shadows behind the sprawling house in Mission Hills and adjusted his black jacket. As he approached the darkened window, a disembodied head floated toward him, silver hair shimmering in the moonlight and features like a statue by Michelangelo—a perfect reflection of perfect anger. He peered through the glass, searching the interior of the dark house. Justus was not inside. Placing his nose near the joint of the closed French doors, he inhaled deeply. Ah…yes cleaning chemicals and what’s this? Blood. The odor sent a ripple of pleasure up his spine. He licked his lips and his tongue tingled as it glided over his rows of pointed teeth.

Justus was dead.

He knew it as surely as if he had killed the man and sucked the marrow from his bones, something he had been looking forward to savoring.

He turned and scanned the back yard. A large gouge of dirt furrowed the manicured lawn and the patio furniture was absent. Can no one perform a task properly? How difficult could it be to dispatch a college student? He growled, giving vent to the roiling frustration within him and dogs in the nearby houses started to howl at the deep resonant sound. He shook his head, stifling the urge to tear the place apart with his bare hands. “Graah…”

He stalked past the crest of the hill, to gaze down to a smaller patio. A single loud clap sounded into the night and something moved sinuously along the ground. A small creature turned its deformed head toward him, its eyes glowing red in the night. His anger abated at the sight. A Kafla. “Ah our pet, you made it. Come to us.”

The little Tracker shook its head, its one shredded ear flapping with a light slap and trotted over. The long claws of its four paws cut into the ground. He reached down and stroked its hairless back. “Yes, we are glad you are here, little Tatterear. Something happened in this yard, in this home. There has been blood spilt, we smell several types about. Find the scent of the one who lived, and follow it. When you locate him, call your siblings to you, and rend the flesh from his bones.” Tatterear arched its back then lowered its front legs, bowing then trotted up the hill.

He looked at the place where the creature had appeared. “One has made it at last, the first of many.” he said quietly then stepped into the nearest shadow and disappeared.

Thanks for that awesome excerpt J. M. Good luck with your submission!

If you'd like to know more about J. M. Bray and his books check out the links below.

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