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Friday, January 24, 2014

Real Life Paranormal: The Yowie

image taken from Big Foot Public Domain 
So we’ve all heard of the big hairy creature called Big Foot (Sasquatch), or as Australian’s know it, the Yowie.

Sightings of these have been fairly rare (none of us paranormal guys or gals came forward with a story) with many stories almost too weird to be true. From the eight foot giants that most of us imagine to the smaller 4-5ft ‘hairy men’ these stories abound.

Much of the footage and photos are grainy and inconclusive with many hoaxes out there being found out. But still there are as many believable stories and I’m certain some of us know of at least one person who’ve sighted a Yowie.

I found a fantastic website (Australia Yowie Research) that documents eye-witness accounts - many stories which you’ll no doubt find will have sightings in an area near you. As an aside, one of these many mentioned areas is the Watagan Mountains - I used to horse-ride by myself in there years ago and got lost a number of times at night and let my horse find its way home. I’m sure glad I never came across one of these hairy creatures in my travels! Anyway, well worth a read and looking up to see what might live in your area!

Other names people know the Yowie by in other countries: Yeti (Himalaya's Big Foot), Yeren (Mongolia's Big Foot), Hibagon ( Japan's Big Foot).

So what I want to know - has anyone here seen something like our Yowie? We'd love to hear about it! =)


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