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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Bite Of...It's Love, Dude

This fortnight, it is my pleasure to introduce the very lovely Jenny Schwartz with A Bite Of her book It's Love, Dude.

Can you, in less than five words describe your book, It’s Love, Dude?
Sea, sunshine, woylies, fun & love

What inspired you to write it?
Molly and Zane, my good girl heroine and effortlessly alpha hero, popped into my mind as if they were old friends who HAD to have their happy ever after written. Let me add, it wasn’t easy. This is a straight contemporary and Molly really, really needed a fairy godmother. What she got instead … well, let’s just say “woylies”. And if you don’t know what woylies are, here’s a linkI loved writing this story with its sexy surfer hero and all the quirky small town characters who decided to join the fun.

And here's the snippet

Zane hadn’t caught her name, but he’d noticed her arrive with Greg Cooper. Evidently, the woman worked for him. Smart move. The local MP would have no trouble getting media attention despite his rumpled, grey appearance if he sent this woman to set up the gig.

Although just now, she was probably rethinking her career choice.
Welcome to the big leagues, sweetheart.

The additional media—the national sports journalists who’d driven down from Perth to Jardin Bay for the chance to interview him—were too much for her. They were brash, demanding and relentless. He knew. He’d been dealing with them for years.
A good guy would haul ass and go rescue her.

Zane frowned down at his brand-name sneakers.
Everything he wore was brand-name. His sponsorship deals had set him up for life since winning the World Championship three years ago. In a bit over a year, he’d retire. Sure, thirty wasn’t old, but he wanted a life. Travelling the world sounded glamorous, but one competition blurred into the other. There were hangers-on and users everywhere. People started thinking stuff was important that he knew wasn’t. It was a life in a travelling bubble and he was sick of it. Crazy tired.

He looked back at the woman.
One more year, then he’d come back to Jardin Bay permanently.

Once he was home, then he could think about chatting up a shy small-town girl who probably dreamed of forever. Probably had a boyfriend. Hell, for all he knew, she was dating some guy he went to high school with. Lucky bastard.

She smiled suddenly.
He saw the impact it had on the media: a moment of awe and then a surge forward. He looked for the man who’d won that smile.

Thank you so much for sharing, it sounds awesome.
If you like the sound book, here are the buy link.
...And if you want to know what else Jenny is up to, you can find here here;


  1. You have to read the book (says the biased author!) to meet Tom, Zane's granddad. He is grumpy and wonderful. There are a few other Jardin Bay-ites who also claim your heart with their oddness.

  2. This is so on my TBR list Jenny!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. *huge smile* Thank you!

      and thanks for organising the post.

  3. This sounds great, Jenny. Love small quirky towns!

    1. Eleni, I've already had one person book her ticket to Jardin Bay. Shame it's fictional :)

  4. Your title just makes me smile. Look forward to reading this.

    1. Thanks, Janni! I thought the title would just a working title, changed to something different, but I ran it on Twitter and got some great responses, so I kept it. Although apparently it raised some eyebrows at the publisher's :)