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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Magic Thursday - YA fandom for The Blood She Betrayed

by Cheryse Durrant

The lead-up to my book launch has been a fascinating journey as old friends and new have flexed their creative muscles to help capture the spirit of my Young Adult urban fantasy novel, The Blood She Betrayed. This week, hubby Shane and I whooped with delight when friend, reader and doll-collector extraordinaire Rieckie Muchow posted these images on Facebook:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate) read young Prince George his first bedtime story… It’s always good for young princes to learn about positive female role models. Photo and set-up: Rieckie Muchow 

Serious study: The Barbie Book Club discusses The Blood She Betrayed as their September assignment. Watch out, Ken! They'll be picking up a move or two from inside these pages! Photo and set-up: Rieckie Muchow

Some of my local Bundaberg Writers Club members even have their own fictional characters talking to me as if Max and Shahkara really exist. ‘If Shahkara needs a place to stay while hiding out from the police, she’s welcome at my place,’ Alina Bonaventura’s Zander messaged me via FaceBook. 

 A couple of years ago, while I was still writing The Blood She Betrayed, my BFF and artist Stephanie captured my secondary character Harry on paper with incredible accuracy (left).

I was also lucky enough at WorldCon in 2010 to have author, artist and game designer extraordinaire Howard Tayler sketch a quick image of my Shahkara ‘hanging’ with international comic icon Sergeant Schlock (right). I know. This a Cheryse fangirl moment - but I had to brag about it. See! Shahkara's getting a hug from Schlock, loved by millions (except enemy aliens).

Even reading reviews of The Blood She Betrayed fills me with delight. The best part isn’t the five-star reviews but reading how other writers and readers describe my story and my characters in their own distinct voice. Some of my reviewers have come up with fabulous The Blood She Betrayed taglines, including ‘Move over Vampires, Taloners are the new sexy’ (thank you, Alina Bonaventura) and ‘Taloners may eat your heart, but humans can steal it’ (thank you, Booknut 101). It’s like seeing my story in a whole new language or light. Beautiful. Exquisite. Still mine, but in ways I could have never described it.

For decades, my younger sister tolerated my far-fetched fantasies but since reading The Blood She Betrayed, she's now a Heart Hunters fan.

She even designed special The Blood She Betrayed T-shirts for Little Miss Five and Little Miss Six. Beneath Ran Valerhon's vibrant cover image are printed the words: “Too young to read it, but excited enough to wear it”. Maybe I should roll out a full range of kick-butt urban fantasy wear for toddlers…

Finally, my girlfriends rocked over on Friday night to create the pièce de résistance: The Shahkara, a sweet but punchy mocktail (or cocktail, if you add rum) that captures the feminine but gritty spirit of my kick-butt heroine... there's even a torn strawberry gripping the glass rim to remind us of those heart-devouring Taloners lurking in wait for us. Thanks, Reece McPherson (above), for playing waiter and photographer on the night (this pic was taken by What If member Miranda Shoe).

Launching one’s debut novel is fraught with unexpected challenges, but the love and support of my friends and fledgling fans keeps renewing my passion. Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey – and I’m looking forward to catching up at The Blood She Betrayed eBook launch party on Facebook tomorrow night.


Magic Thursday Giveaway: For your chance to win a copy of The Blood She Betrayed, please leave a comment below. Maybe there’s a special fan moment you’d like to share? Or who is your greatest hero or role model?

For more chances to win books and other prizes, check out Cheryse Durrant’s Hearts & Talons Giveaway or invite yourself to tomorrow night’s FaceBook party.

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From early this month, The Blood She Betrayed eBook will be available from Clan Destine Press, Amazon, iTunes and Kobo. From next month, the paperback will be available from all good bookstores.
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  1. It sounds like you have had loads of fun preparing for this wonderful book's release. I LOVE the photos and the drawing of Harry is fantastic! Although for some reason I didn't picture him with a beard... strange :D Good luck tomorrow!! D-K x

    1. Hello Danielle,

      It's interesting you mention that you didn't picture Harry with a beard. I couldn't picture Harry with a beard either when Shah and Max first met the Vietnam vet! The artwork is so beautiful though! There is so much talent around us, it's amazing!

      Alina B.

  2. Hello Cher,

    What a fabulous web page!! :D I couldn't resist having a peek.

    I love the doll display! It's so cute to see the the royal couple and the Barbie book club celebrating with miniture copies of The Blood She Betrayed! Great photos and clever display by Rieckie!! :D

    I loved the artworks also! Such talented artists!!! Hey, even Zander got a mention!! :D Whoo hoo, so cool!!! :D

    Hey, I love The Shahkara Mocktail! I love the strawberry heart on the side too! Definitely so Taloner and much more tastier I'm sure than the real hearts that Taloners need to keep eternally beautiful! I hope Zander and I can try one of those Shah Specials at the Facebook elaunch party tomorrow night. We can't wait!!! :D

    You have done a wonderful job with your fantastic story, Cher. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.

    Best Wishes and we'll see you at the party tomorrow!

    Taloner Hearts, <3 <3 <3

    Alina B.

  3. LOL Love the dolls!!!

    Congrats on the release.

    Kelly Ethan

  4. Thanks Kelly, Alina and Dani-K. Yes, I always imagined Harry with a beard, but not quite as thin as Steph drew him. I try not to put a lot of character description into my stories because we always imagine our hero differently. That's part of the magic of reading! Thanks for commenting and I'll let you know the Magic Thursday winner on Monday :)

  5. Have just ordered my book, can't wait to feel in my hand. Not sure I can wait that long so might just have to get the ebook too.
    Ken is certainly going to get a run for his money :-)
    Launch party in just one hour.
    Great job Cher, all that passion and hard work is about to pay off. Eleanor

  6. my mom's my hero

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. I love your answer, bn100, and totally agree. My mum is one of my greatest heroes. She's been a fabulous friend and mentor throughout my life. I hope she's always there to inspire you!

  8. SPECIAL NEWS: My Publisher Clan Destine Press has organised a link where you can download the first 12 chapters of The Blood She Betrayed FOR FREE, but the offer is only running for a short time. Log on to http://clandestinepress.com.au/content/free-12-chapter-teaser-blood-she-betrayed Please let me know what you think of my Heart Hunters novel. Thanks, everyone, for commenting here!