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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Magic Thursday: Encantado

by Maggie Mundy

So I had this idea for a new novel and I wanted it to be paranormal but I didn’t want to go down the track of the usual mythical creatures. Don’t get me wrong I have used most of them. I have mediums, demons, vampires, angels, shape changers and all sorts of magic.

My latest WIP is set in 1920s England. It was a time when you had the discovery of the Egyptian tombs which made anything Egyptian very popular. There was also the rise of groups that believed in the supernatural and spiritualism; I was also fascinated by Brazil after watching Michael Palin’s series on the country.

I started to do research and found the Encantado - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encantado

artist: AmbrMerlinus

The Encantado most likely originated in Europe especially around Spain and Portugal which could explain its spread to South America with the arrival of the Conquistadors.

What attracted me to use this particular myth for my WIP was that I wanted to write a murder mystery where the investigators would be unsure whether the murderer was a human or something paranormal. I felt the concept of a being that could entrance its victims and shape shift so it could entice you to its world a perfect choice.

Hopefully you will be able to read A Death in the Family: An Annabel Larch Mystery soon!

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Trent Feldor is a Seeker vampire who protects human females from Rogue vampires who would take them as mates. Kellie is a reporter who wants to make the front page of the Adelaide newspaper by finding the Parklands Killer. Instead she stumbles straight into a vampire fight and she is the trophy being fought for. Kellie has never let anyone into her life since her mother's death, and isn't going to let the mysterious Trent get under her skin. As for Trent, he may have found the one woman he could love but he will have to stop Rogue vampires who want to kidnap her, and vampire hunters who want to kill him.


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  1. Using an Encantado is a great idea, Maggie. Shape-shifters are interesting and are found in almost every culture. Both Central and South American indigenous cultures have shape-shifters in their mythology. Go for it!

  2. It sounds fabulous, Maggie. Always loved the way the StarGate franchise incorporated cultures from different parts of the world, including Egypt, and revealed them as Goa'uld influences. An Encantado is a fresh and exotic edge.

  3. Thanks for your comments. It is still very much a work in progress but I am enjoying the jorney.

  4. Interesting inspiration

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  5. What a fascinating idea for a story.