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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Bite Of... The S.E.R.A Files

This fortnight I am pleased to present C. T. Green with A Bite Of... The S.E.R.A Files

Can you in less than five words describe your book?
Short, sexy happily ever afters!

What inspired you to write it?
I mentioned this in my Enchanted Orb post – as odd as it sounds Jason Bourne was part of the inspiration for The S.E.R.A. Files. I was captured by the idea of paranormal secret agents who deported supernatural creatures after granting them a wish.

Though, this doesn’t happen all the time… Some of the bad ones get their asses handed to them by S.E.R.A. agents who are teamed with a Fairy Godmother (who are more than capable of non-Disney violence too! : D ). Each story in this anthology is about these men and women finding love, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.
And here are the snippets!

Recovering Gabriel
Gabriel dragged her up against his broad chest, and Callie melted into him. She coated him like chocolate, unable to pull back from the sexy scent, hard muscles, and slow sway of his body.

She knew she shouldn’t be dancing with him. She should be focused on making sure she fulfilled Gabriel’s wish.
Handling Mercury
Elizabeth blinked. Most creatures asked for money, extended life expectancy, mercy. Watching a vampire feed wasn’t one she’d have picked. Any old vamp movie would provide a prime example without wasting a wish.

She turned to check out Mercury’s reaction.
He’s probably a wee bit pissed off.

Finding Navarre
 Dragging himself from the golden werewolf’s embrace, Navarre stood and stumbled backward. No way would he get attached to anyone ever again! He would not put himself through the grief of losing another mate.

Tasting Absinthe

 “Abs, have you had a stroke or something? You look like you’re trying to solve a complex algebra equation. Are you getting enough fiber in your diet?” Bryce’s wide-eyed enquiry almost fooled her before her brain caught up.

She threw him a flamethrower glare. “Are you inferring I’m constipated?”

Chasing Sin

The rich plum shade of his eyes, so much more fascinating in reality than the picture in his file, stunned her for a moment. His musky citrus cologne hit her nose like a sensually loaded freight train and her carefully planned speech vanished into incoherence.

 “Hello, I’m Jane Pilkins. I’m going to evaluate your performance.”

Thank you so much for sharing!
If you'd like to find out more, or buy the book check out the links below...

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