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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Bite Of... Magical Gains

This fortnight, I am presenting Magical Gains - which was my first published novel (way back in 2011), and one that still holds a special place in my heart!

Can I in less than five words describe the book?

Genies, magic, humour, romance, fun.

What inspired me to write it?

Tim Tams. I was inspired by Arnotts Tim Tam biscuits. Why? Because they are delicious... no, not really (even though they are). I was inspired by an advertising campaign Arnotts had a few years ago, in which a pretty girl finds herself the mistress of a rather suggestive genie.

It made me think about the legal and financial ramifications that possessing a genie would have, if they were real. So, I decided to write a book about a world in which all magic and mythical creatures were real, but to make things 'equitable' (for the humans!) the government imposes taxes and limits on magic... Which brought forth 'Magical Gains Tax' - the excessive tax my heroine Primrose seeks to avoid, by refusing to take her genie Imran's wishes... and subsequently finding herself in a whole lot of trouble.

And here's the snippet!

[This scene occurs when Primrose finds herself kidnapped by a band of lusty satyrs...]

Primrose felt her body react completely against its will. About thirty Satyrs entered the candlelit courtyard in single file. They were draped in orange cloaks from their heads to their cloven


They were mesmerizing.

From somewhere in the town house, drums were quietly beating, rhythmically and suggestively.

As if choreographed, the Satyrs parted from their single file into the direction of an awaiting Maenad, or in some cases Maenads. The head Satyr, still draped in the orange cloak, turned to face Primrose. She couldn’t tear her gaze from him. Slowly, in time with the beating of the drums, Silenus raised his hands and lifted the hood from his head and horns. His strange amber eyes locked with hers, and the effect was electric. Her heart pounded and desire for him rushed through her body like a freight train.

Primrose had never felt anything like it.

“Come to me,” Silenus murmured, his shiny white teeth flashing in the candlelight. “Share the Revelry with me.” If it had been humanly possible to say no, Primrose would have. However, no human could have turned down the Satyr after consuming Dionysus wine. Primrose’s body was so overcome by desire and lust for him there was nothing she could do but walk numbly into his embrace.

Imran woke covered in a film of perspiration. “Primrose!”

If you enjoyed that snippet, Magical Gains (and its sequels) are available in trade paperback or e-book format at all good book retailers.

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