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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Bite Of... Cloaked in Fur

Forgive me, I am late again ...I have only just returned from Malaysia ....excuses I know. Forgive me.

But this fortnight it is my utmost pleasure to welcome T. F. Walsh with a bite of her book Cloaked in Fur.

Can you in less than five words describe your book?
Werewolves, Betrayal, Sacrifice, Suspense

What inspired you to write it?

I wanted to explore the idea of how far someone would go to save his or her true love. Team that up with my infatuation for all things werewolf, and my story was bornJ Plus, being born in Romania, I really wanted to show a different side to Transylvania rather than the typical vampire connection, including cultures and traditions most people are unaware of.
And here's the snippet!
“I have juice, beer, spirits, or water. No vodka.” Connell called from the kitchen.
I joined him. “Water’s fine.”
Retrieving a clear bottle from the fridge, he reached up and collected two empty glasses from the cupboard, then settled onto a stool. Following his lead, I sat next to him and grabbed my full glass.
He studied his tumbler, running a finger down the perspiring glass. “What’s going on with you and with us?” A long breath escaped from his mouth. “Your sudden disappearance this weekend, your friend’s strange behavior—like he was more than a friend—and everything from that night seemed wrong, like I was missing something. I felt like an idiot.”
My skin iced over, and my pulse thundered in my ears. His gorgeous face tightened, and his eyelids lowered as he said, “I feel like I’m just getting to know you. I don’t like secrets, but I’m so in love with you that I’m struggling to walk away. And what scares me is that I might be heading right into a wall with my eyes wide open.”
My voice softened. “Don’t say that.” I felt like the tug-o-war rope between Connell and wulfkin troubles, each needing my attention, and me refusing to give up on either of them.
He lifted his head. His hand cupped the side of my face and his thumb swept the tears from beneath my eye. I inhaled his warmness.
He said, “Please tell me the truth, no matter how bad you think it is. I can take it. But I can’t take any more lies.”
The faint tremble behind his words shattered my resolve to stay quiet. My entire life I followed orders, making everyone happy but me. Sandulf persuaded me to forget my mother with promises of a new life she would never accept, and I foolishly obeyed. I never knew my real father, but he obviously was a wulfkin from somewhere. I would give anything to turn things around and return to my real mom, to remove the grief she bore for losing a daughter. And now the alpha’s action might see Connell ripped from my heart as well.
If you liked the sound of this you can buy here:
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Publisher: Crimson Romance www.crimsonromance.com



  1. Great snippet! I think you did an excellent job of putting Daci through the wringer to see how much she could endure for love.

  2. Sounds intense! And that's a very good thing :)