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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Magic Thursday: Time for a change

This is different from your normal Magic Thursday posts. It's not about a writing topic or even about a book of any one of our members, but it IS about the DarkSide DownUnder.

We started the blog 31st October back in 2010. It has expanded and grown over that time as we've added pages to the blog.

I told you the story behind our logo back in May. To continue on from this, come 1st August, we will have a new website where all our current blog pages such as Upcoming Releases, DarkSider bios, Agents, Book Trailers etc, will move to.

With over 70+ DarkSiders, it was time for a change.

The only thing that is not moving is our blog, which will stay right here - on the same Darksider station.

We hope you'll like the new look - the blog will also change the look but this may take a little while as August is also conference month and I may not get around to it. The blog does have a little hint with the background, but I thought I'd give you a little peak into how the new website will look:

Roll on 1st August. Come by here and tell us what you think of it!


  1. I think your new website looks fantastic! And the inclusion of the Southern Cross is a nice touch (for us Aussies), although, your logo (minus the crescent moon) strongly resembles the one used by the digital publisher, SteameReads.

  2. Looks fabulous as always, Eleni! You are awesome-sauceness :)