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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Enchanted Orb - When Things go Wrong

This week, please welcome Imogene Nix writing on what a writer of sexy, sassy and out-of-this-world romance does when things go wrong.


When Things Go Wrong

Hi World, it’s Imogene Nix here!

Today’s blog isn’t the usual “woe is me” that you might think based on the title. (See, but it did make you read on, didn’t it??)  It’s more a celebration of how, when things go wrong, it’s usually for a reason.

I’m probably the biggest proponent of that.

As a writer, we are not an island (Sound familiar?) Yes, I know... the old “No man is an island...” but there was never a truer word spoken in jest or otherwise. No writer is an island.  They don’t form on the world fully grown up dressed and with computer in hand (thought that would make an interesting premise...)

Every writer I know is an amalgam of thoughts, feelings, experiences and knowledge. These have taken years to form. And a hell of a lot of hiccups too, usually.
When in their native environment, we/they tend to congregate in herds (a bit like cattle really) chewing over the motivators of their characters, the pros and cons of location and aesthetics of describing their current situations. 

But you know what? While writing is a lonely exercise, where we block out the world, we also form close friendship groups. Those we can rely on to be honest with us. To tell us, not what we want to hear, but what we need to hear.

Those groups come together over time. There will be missteps and mistakes along the way. Unless you are an excellent judge of character, sometimes there will be the odd incomplete meshing, where the association will fizzle and fall away, a bit like yesterdays rewrite. It’s sad, yet a fact of life. Lots of friendships go that route, but the true ones hang around (like last week’s socks, smelling up the corner!)  

But you know what? Over time we find people who share our values, beliefs and interests. They make us better writers/authors. They celebrate with us when things go right and commiserate when they go wrong. And most importantly They Get Us. 

These friendship groups that writers form buoy us up and remind us of why we are here. In fact, they become like a pseudo family to us. They know when we’ve just killed off a character that we adore but has to die to help tell the tale. They celebrate when hero gets the heroine and they will boo and hiss when the bad guy kidnaps said heroine (or hero if that floats your boat). But they understand our motivations and compulsions.

Most importantly, they will respect you in the morning. Treat you like you want to be treated and be above all, honest.

So if you are in a group that maybe doesn’t motivate you, that you don’t mesh with fully, or get you and your motivation... Take heart! There could be another one, just ready for you to take the plunge.
I have to tell you, I’ve done it and without my lovely HTH crew around me, I wouldn’t be the author I am now! And you can take that promise to the bank!

Thanks for listening,



  1. Thanks for this little reminder about not being an island Imogene. So true but I sometime forget! I have noticed that I get my best inspiration when I am out experiencing life. Plus the support from the people in the groups I'm in is priceless - both are necessary for a writer.
    BTW, your post has sent me off on a journey of investigation about the poem 'No man is an Island' by John Donne. lol :)

  2. Great post, Imogene. I agree whole heartedly. I'm involved with a few groups and they have each impacted on me as a person as well as a writer. Writers need not be alone. :)