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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's good news...


Enjoy paranormal romance? Fantasy romance? Urban fantasy? Post-apocalyptic romance? Steampunk romance?

Would you jump at a chance or three to win a box full of these sorts of books?

Who, what, where, when and how can I win? - I hear you cry!

Well, 9 Aussie paranormal romance authors have banded together and each have donated books and swag from their latest series to go into the Aussie Author Giveaway - three huge giveaway packages which will be on display at some of the specialty romance bookstores here in Australia.

Rendezvous Books (Victoria) will host the first box of goodies and the giveaway will run the entire month of June 2013.

The second box of authorly-goodness will reside at Rosemary's Romance Bookstore (Queensland) right through July 2013.

The third box of giveaway-fun will be with Galaxy Books (Sydney) over August 2013.
All readers have to do is order a book (or books) from these stores in the designated giveaway month - either in person or online. You'll earn one entry per purchase in the Giveaway. The prize winner will be drawn at the end of the month and the Aussie Author Giveaway box of goodies will be posted to you.

NB. Due to postage costs, entry is restricted to Australian readers.

So, come on Aussies, come on! Support your specialty romance bookstores, get to know some local Aussie authors - and you could find a huge parcel of books in your mailbox at the end of June, July or August!

Participating authors:

Bec McMaster
Christina Ashcroft

Erica Hayes
Keri Arthur
Kylie Griffin
Kylie Scott


Rowena Cory Daniells

Shona Husk


Dakota Harrison's debut book, Exhale (from Samhain), is available for pre-order from Amazon! It releases July 30th, 2013.

She is the one dream that never had a chance to come true…until now.
Takeshi is finishing up a brutal double shift in the ER when a familiar—and bloody—face erases all thought of heading home. The broken body of the woman fighting for her life belongs to Gabby, his best friend’s mother. A woman he has rarely seen since he turned nineteen and foolishly declared his love for her.
She’s not dying today. Not on his watch. And not with a promise left unfulfilled.
Gabby has never forgotten the taste of the kiss Taka gave her under the mistletoe all those years ago. Or the silly promise that surely by now he’s forgotten. She’s wrong. Taka remembers. And she melts as he uses every trick in his highly trained surgeon’s hands to heal her—and rekindle the heat between them.
But there’s a secret lurking in Gabby’s past. And when it follows her all the way to Seattle, it threatens to drag the one man she loves into the nightmare she thought she’d left behind.
Warning: Contains a reluctant cougar heroine with a planeload of emotional baggage, a hot Asian surgeon who knows how to kiss it and make it better, and smoking-hot love scenes that’ll give you a new appreciation for the tenacity of younger men.

Adina West has two 1 June releases, Dark Child Episode 5, the final episode of this serialised novel, and the Dark Child Omnibus which collects all five episodes in one volume. Perfect for fans of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, this intriguing urban fantasy follows the story of Kat Chanter, who discovers that the world she knows is controlled by ancient creatures who feed on blood. And she might just be one of them ...

Lately things have been getting weird for pathology technician Kat Chanter. She's been craving raw meat, and having dreams so realistic they're scary. When she accepts a job offer from the prestigious Hema Castus Research Institute, she hopes she'll have the chance to discover what's wrong with her, but instead, her move to New York thrusts her headlong into a treacherous hidden world, where the wrong move could be fatal . . .
Tarot, witchcraft and astrology all take on a frightening resonance in Dark Child's richly imagined alternative reality where vampiric beings live among us, hidden by magic. Dark romance tangles with paranormal fantasy and page-turning suspense in this enthralling tale of 'dark child' Kat Chanter, half-human and half-vampire, who has woken an ancient prophecy and must face a formidable destiny.
(Dark Child was originally released in serial form. You can read part one for just 99c by searching for Dark Child: Episode 1.


Christina Phillips has received a 4 Star review from Riverina Romantics for Betrayed.
"I enjoyed this story and the characters very much. There were even a few surprises that I didn’t see coming. Tacitus was so sweet and honorable. It is impossible to not love him. Nimue is just as honorable and is driven by not only her beliefs, but my magic itself. The way this couple learns to navigate one another and deal with the attraction that could be their very ruin was frustrating in so many ways. I can’t imagine how they must have felt."
Full review here.


Dark Sider Bec McMaster continues her cyber-touring to promote Heart of Iron. You can find her visiting the following blogs:
24th May - Supernatural Smackdown at Dark Faerie Tales - international giveaway of Kiss of Steel and Heart of Iron, plus Tim Tams! Vote for Will here!  
28th May - Mindful Musing - "Why does steampunk appeal to so many readers?" There will be a giveaway of Kiss of Steel.
29th May - Awesomesauce Book Club - "What do I like most about steampunk?" Another giveaway of Kiss of Steel.
30th May - Literary Escapism - An interview and Kiss of Steel givewaway!

Kylie Griffin, Cathryn Hein and Karly Lane had a lovely time in Taree this week as guests of the Taree Regional Library on the "Queens of Heart" author panel.

Kylie, Cathryn & Karly
Those who attended asked some great questions and were genuinely intrigued by the various aspects of the publishing process, particularly the comparison between Aussie pubbed authors (Cathryn Hein & Karly Lane) and Kylie Griffin (USA pubbed). There were also some fun moments when we talked about erotic romance, erotica and true love!  

Queens of Heart author panel
Thanks to Shelleyrae (volunteer) and Danielle & Debbie, the staff at Taree Regional library, who helped organise this event - the evening was a wonderful event!

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