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Friday, April 5, 2013

Real Life Paranormal

Worldwide Paranormal News

Last month we featured Eleni's dog who 'sensed' her distress. I thought we'd continue this theme with a snippet I found on the net about animals sensing a natural disaster - in this case a tsuanmi. 

This extract is taken from: about.com Paranormal Phenomena

***After the devastating tsunami struck the coastlines of the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004, reports began to filter in that although many human bodies were recovered, virtually no animal carcasses were found. 
 Did the animals sense the impending disaster? A full hour before the waves struck, it was reported, elephants became agitated and began to wail. As the disaster neared, many broke their chains and headed for higher ground. 
Flamingos left their breeding grounds and flew to the safety of the forests. Leopards, tigers, wild boar, deer, water buffalo, monkeys and smaller mammals and reptiles all escaped unharmed. 
All this suggested that animals might possess a "sixth sense" or "sense of doom" - a heightened instinct - that saved their lives. French zoologists, seeking a scientific explanation, suggested that it was a more advanced acoustic system that allowed the animals to hear the approaching giant surges of water.***
Has anyone heard or experienced an event or natural disaster where animals seemed to 'know' about it before we did? We'd love to hear your story! (And if it's a long one we'll feature it in next month's Real Life Paranormal!)

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  1. We need to listen to our animal friends more often, I think. Thanks for sharing, Mel, I didn't know that no animals had been found.