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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's good news...


Lilliana Rose has sold an erotic poem to Little Raven Press. Congratulations!

Imogene Nix has signed a contract with Evernight for another short story, called A Soldier My Soldier - a short contemporary story :)  It will release in August this year.

Imogene Nix has made another sale! Loving Memories, an erotic romantic suspense, is contracted to Steam-EReads with a release date of 15 June, 2013.
Jenny Douglas has the grim task of returning her friends body to the man she had loved.
Steve Davies is grieving for the woman he lost. The one that left him the little girl, Lola, who he thought of as his own.
The danger remains though and they must work together, quickly, to find out who the killer is. And if a little bit of passion gets in the way, well… it’s not the real thing… or is it?


Adina West's Dark Child: Episode 3 was released 1st April. It's the third installment of five in the Dark Child e-serial from Momentum books.

Perfect for fans of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, this intriguing urban fantasy follows the story of Kat Chanter, who discovers that the world she knows is controlled by ancient creatures who feed on blood. And she might just be one of them ...
Dead? Kat clenched her fists, her stomach a writhing tangle of knots. Her pulse thundered in her ears.
Had this all been an elaborate ruse to trap her? The platelet study; the offer to come and work at the Hema Castus Research Institute; the special attention from Director Norris ... Surely they'd have had no way of knowing who she was. Still, if the Directorate controlled Hema Castus, and the Directorate wanted her imprisoned, even dead, everything took on a much more sinister light. And anyway, why did the Directorate want her dead?
Kat has always known she's special. Different. But finding out why is still a shock, especially when she discovers the malevolent Directorate, a clandestine organization of untold power, have put a price on her head.
Forced into hiding in the remote White Mountains, Kat's life is suddenly in the hands of the wild and dangerous unalil. But trusting her new protectors isn't easy, since they seem almost as terrifying as the killers who pursue her . . .

Imogene Nix has received her cover for Hesparia's Tears. It comes out with Total-E-Bound on August 12, 2013.

What will happen when the past catches up?
Galan is from Hesparia, where the females are dying out on his pacific agrarian planet. Jessa has a past, one she hasn’t earned but cannot escape from.
What will happen when opportunity knocks? 
Galan travels to earth, hoping to plead the case for Hesparia. He doesn’t expect Jessa or The Quickening.
Can he make the case for women to migrate to Hesparia and arrange a Diplomatic Alliance? Can they trust one another with their hearts. And can Jessa really escape her past?
Hesparia’s Tears.


Aimee from The Window Seat on a Rainy Day wrote a great review for Kylie Griffin's Allegiance Sworn.
"I loved the story in this book. The way that Arek, Imhara, and even Rassan, went about their plans was just about perfect. The pacing was great and I loved all three main characters (Rassan next, please?) A few times along the way, I was getting impatient - come on Arek, trust her already and move things along... But even as I would say that in my head, I knew I was wrong. Arek was well written. He NEEDED to not cave in as fast as I wanted him to! :) If he had, it would have been a much bigger complaint of him moving totally out of character. Given the situation that Arek and Imhara found themselves in, the fact that lust came first was perfect and the length of time it took Arek to move from willing to try to full trust was appropriate."

And a snippet from Romance Buzz (Booktopia's monthly newsletter):
"We don't get nearly enough romances where the heroine is in a much more powerful position than the hero, and this book shows that it can definitely work. It's also really hot! Arek has to defer to Imhara-he's in her world now, and he quickly realises that his actions affect not just himself but others under Imhara's protection-but he is never subservient. There's something oh, so delicious about a hero forced to show restraint."

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