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Friday, March 15, 2013

What We Are Reading

Welcome to the March edition of What We Are Reading. There's a mix of sci-fi, paranormal and non-fiction. I may have added some to my ever growing TBR pile...

Denise Rossetti
I've just finished Line and Orbit by Sunny Moraine and Lisa Soem, published this month by Samhain. As a piece of science fiction, it's brilliant. The world building is coherent and complete, not to mention fascinating. As a love story, it's both interesting and tender. The sex (it's a male/male romance) is not over-written or gratuitous. Above all, it's beautifully written, literate and lyrical. Can you tell I enjoyed it? LOL
Jenny Schwartz
So many great novels again this month. I started Stacy Gail's Earth Angel series. Nobody's Angel  has one of the most yummy heroes ever. Don't miss meeting Zeke. Just out is Savage Angel and I learned more about the nephilim. Fantastic story--returning warrior theme.

Anna Hackett finished her Anomaly Trilogy on a high note with Soul Stealer. This had some really dark issues to deal with, but did so in a way where you continued to hope and love did triumph.

Greta van der Rol's duology, Conspiracy, is fantastic SF. I picked a copy up free on Amazon (go me!) and was thrilled to find myself reading a classic SF romance in the style of Anne McCaffrey.

Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs is nearly here and I can't wait! When it arrives, all else will need to be pushed aside so I can read. I guess I'd best get writing then so I can steal some time guilt-free :)

Nicole Hurley-Moore
Apollo’s Angels – A History of Ballet by Jennifer Homans.
This is a detailed account of the history of ballet. It spans from the classical origins of ballet to present day. I found Apollo’s Angels quite fascinating. I was mainly concentrating on the rise of the ballerina in the Regency and Victorian eras but the whole book was very interesting. Staging, techniques, influences, styles and different companies are mentioned.

The London Rich – The Creation of a Great City, From 1666 to the Present by Peter Thorold
Pretty much what the title says. It tells the history of how the English aristocracy shaped the city of London. Explores how small hamlets were slowly swallowed up by an ever increasing city. I found it quite helpful & interesting.

happy reading


  1. OOoh I love the varied reading. Thanks for sharing ladies.

  2. There are some great looking reads here! I’m especially liking Apollo’s Angels (good birthday present for my mother who’s an ex-ballerina). Thanks girls!

  3. Well, gee, thanks - but "Conspiracy" is the name of the first book in the duology. "Deception" is the second. And the name of the book on Amazon is "The Iron Admiral".

    That said, so pleased you're enjoying it and honoured to be compared with Anne McCaffrey.