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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Darklight On...Khloe Wren

Today's Darklight On is with Khloe Wren. Welcome, Khloe!

How did you come to write? What attracted you to the genre?

I've always been drawn to things paranormal. I read Stephen King in late primary school. After school I read the likes of Twilight and The Vampire Academy. Before I started writing I was reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters and The League, JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood and Alexandra Ivy's Guardians of Eternity.

So, when I started writing it was only natural that vampires and shape shifters came into it.

I started writing after I had a major surgery that left me with lots of time on my hands. Unable to lift or carry anything for three months led to me getting Her Guardian Angel written. 70,000 words in three months wasn't a bad effort. I don't think I'll ever be able to write that fast again though, I now have two children to chase and other everyday things that have to get done too. 

Please tell us a little about your road to publication.

My road to publication was a little bumpy. I was rather naive and a 'vanity publisher' got their claws into me. They promised me the world, and I stupidly believed them. I will be forever grateful to Angela Castle who opened my eyes in time to save me from making a horrible mistake.

Submitting that first book is so daunting and scary, the fear of rejection is very powerful. I very nervously sent my precious baby off to Rogue Phoenix Press, and nearly fell off my chair when not twenty four hours later I had a request for a full manuscript.

They actually liked my book! Someone who doesn't know me, who isn't just being nice, actually wanted to read my whole book!

I quickly emailed off the full manuscript, then began checking my email hourly for a reply. As you do. Within a week I had a contract. I was in shock for days. It all happened so quickly. 

Your debut release Fireworks. Can you tell us a little about it and why you decided to go the Indie Published way with it?

Fireworks is, ironically, the only non-paranormal thing I have ever written. It's a sweet short story about Louise and Kosta. Lousie has had a crush on Kosta for years but doesn't think the stunning Greek would ever want her. One New Year's Eve, Kosta seeks her out and, well, things get hot.

Fireworks is quite different to my normal writing, and my first attempt at a short story.

I went indie with this short story as I was heading to Australian Romance Readers Convention on 1-3 March 13 and needed something published before then to go as a published author. My contracted books are not due out until May and June this year.

Your upcoming story is in Edible Delights anthology. How did this anthology come about? BTW – you designed a wicked cover for this (yes Khloe is a lady of many talents)

I'm part of a Facebook group "Erotic Writers Australia", a couple of the ladies on there came up with the concept of a food based Anthology, and it all steam rolled from there. There will be three volumes of Edible Delights, volume 1 is due for release 17 May 13, volume 2 is due for release in July 13 and we don't have a date for the third volume yet. I'm hoping to have another story in the third volume. It's extra special that my story is going in with ladies I know and respect as writers.

Thank you, designing the cover was good fun. I've also designed the cover for Fireworks.

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in-between?

Pantser all the way! I am trying to plot a little more these days, but for the most part, I have no idea where my stories are going till the get there.

For example Sealed with a Honeyed Kiss was mean to be a single title written for the Anthology. It's now a five part series.

Do have a favourite of your characters?

Hmmm, favourite character. I think Dominic will always be special to me because he's my first hero. But I can't pick a favourite. I love them all! Well, except the bad guys.

What are you currently working on?

So many things. When I started writing I swore I would work on one story at a time. That didn't last long. I'm currently working on editing Healing Carina (for the Edible Delights Vol 3), writing Sapphire Angel (vampire romance), writing Cinderella's Guardian (Book 2 of Fire and Snow), I'm also working on a new series concept which Decedent Publishing want to see the first book of in July 13.

So I'm going to be rather busy for some time, me thinks!

What is your favourite part of the process of writing?

Writing the story, that first draft, and getting the story down. I love how the characters come to life and throw twists at you.

What can we expect from Khloe Wren in the future?

Hopefully lots and lots of good books! I hope to settle into a routine where I can write each day and get all the ideas in my head out. Along with writing my books, I'm hoping to get a little more out there with my online presence. I am one of the admins over at Hotter than Hades and love our little band of ladies. The challenge stories have led to so many of my books. Fireworks, Collision with Destiny and Sapphire Angel all started life as a challenge story. I'm also joining Shay MacLean over at her blog The Tavern shortly where I hope to do some character interviews and other exciting things.

Who are your favourite authors?

JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Alexandra Ivy ... many of my new Aussie friends, who if I start naming I'll forget one and get in trouble!

What are you currently reading?

Imogene Nix's Starline – Imogene and Angela Castle are slowly dragging me over to Sci-Fi.

Do you have a favourite spec fiction movie or TV series?

I don't watch much tv these days, if I have a spare minute I'm writing or reading. But I always make time for Big Bang Theory. I also enjoy Bones, Vampire Diaries, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Burn Notice and Revenge – sadly, I just don't get to watch them these days.

Do you have advice for emerging writers?

Find yourself a support group. I'd be lost without my online groups and my real world ones. I have made some strong friendships through those groups too.

This is a little harsh, but I believe true: No matter what you write, you will be judged and damned, so write what you love, and do it well. Those who judge you, are not your target audience (and for the most part are simply envious or misguided about your genre) so ignore them and move forward. Do not let the negative crush you or your creative spirit.


Thanks, Khloe.

Find Khloe on her website, Facebook, Twitter

You can get your own copy of Fireworks at Amazon and Smashwords.


  1. Love the advice, Khloe! Great post...

  2. Brilliant post Khloe. And spot on about the readers. Some will love your work and others wont, but always do your best! :D I am so looking forward to seeing the Edible Delights stories in print as well!

  3. Great post Khloe and totally agree about having a supportive group. Looking forward to those Edible Delights.
    Smiles, Efthalia