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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Bite Of...Sealed with a Kiss

Welcome to another fortnightly A Bite Of...

Today I'd like to welcome Eleni Konstantine with a snippet of her book Sealed with a Kiss.

Can you, in less than five words, describe your story, Sealed With a Kiss.
Cute romance with gorgeous vamp.

What inspired you to write it?
I initially wrote this for a competition. I found out that garnet was a stone that is used to ward of vampires, and suddenly I saw a club scene with the heroine wearing the garnet and a hero that seemed interested in it. At only 3K, I wanted it to be a short, snappy, sweet story.

And here's the snippet! 
 “Oh my God, Lise, he’s here.”

Sandie pointed to the man at the bar. Lise looked over and her heart did a somersault. Black shirt, black jeans, black hair, a strong chiselled profile and a ripped body. All she could think was…Oh, my.

Her friend’s eyes hadn’t rested on Mr Black, but on the tall, blond, smiling bartender who motioned her over. No wonder Sandie had only wanted to come to this club.

“What should I do?” her friend whispered.

Lise wasn’t much use in the lurv department. Her last date was a complete disaster—not to mention her last boyfriend.

“Why don’t you get me a drink,” Lise suggested.

Sandie gave her a thankful smile, grabbed her bag and sauntered over to the bar.

Lise’s eyes shifted over to Mr Black. As he took a swig from his beer bottle, his eyes locked with hers for one electrifying second before he looked away.

If only she could be as bold as her friend.

The doof-doof of the music pounded in her ears. Lise twirled her fingers around her Gran’s garnet amulet, wishing she were at a cafĂ© enjoying a latte. This was so not her scene.

Quick as a flash, a guy seated himself in Sandie’s vacated chair. His too tight t-shirt and slacks made him look like a body builder on steroids. “I thought she would never leave,” he smirked.

Lise gave him a small, tight smile. Life would be so much easier if she was a bitch with the backbone to shoo him away, but she had this thing about being nice and hated confrontation. Hence, staying with Jeff for too long.

“I’m Davo,” he said as he grabbed her hand.

“Lise.” She shook his all-too sweaty hand hoping he’d let go. He didn’t.

“Let’s dance.”

This was another reason why she hated nightclubs—she had two left feet. “No thanks.”

“Oh, come on.” He tugged at her hand.

A quick glance at the bar confirmed Sandie was in deep conversation with the bartender. Half her luck. Lise pulled at her hand, but he held tight. “I don’t dance,” she hissed. What would it take to get rid of this guy? Her nasty side wanted to knee his groin, but that would be taking it too far.  Maybe it was time to play the boyfriend card.

Davo raised an eyebrow. “Come on, just one. You know you want—”

“Is everything all right here?” a voice interrupted.

It reminded her of rich, dark chocolate, and it belonged to Mr Black.

Oh, boy.

Thank you for sharing Eleni!



  1. Oooh...this sounds quite interesting.

  2. I had no idea about garnets! *rushes off to find old garnet ring*

  3. Oh, my family only ever wore garnet jewellery. We're originally from the Czech Republic, where most garnets are mined - and where vampire stories originated. Could it be...?
    Great snippet. I'm rushing off to get my copy.