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Friday, 11 January 2013

Real Life Paranormal

With Mel Teshco

Years ago I lived in an old Queensland house just North of Mackay. It was surrounded by cane fields on three sides and overlooked a little creek in a gully. It was the worst haunted house I’ve experienced – I was around fourteen when we left, so it was a LONG time ago lol! I actually never ‘saw’ anything in it, but would hear things, almost always at night. So many different things happened it’s hard to know where to start, but for some reason whatever spirit lived there, almost exclusively picked on me.

You know the days where recording yourself on a ‘tape player’ (when you weren’t recording songs off the radio) were the things you did? One time I had my best friend over, we slept out in the sun room on a big queen bed, chatting and giggling and being just ordinary silly friends. We pressed record on my tape player, which we put at the foot of our bed, right near the rear double doors of the high house, which you could only get to via a set of rickety steps. The moment my friend said, “At least there’s nothing spooky happening tonight,” was the moment we heard the double doors (too dark to see) crash back and forward REALLY loudly. We screamed, put our heads under the doona and kinda froze, but we eventually fell to sleep. The next morning there was nothing on that tape except our screaming.

Another time I had two friends over. We were watching television really late at night and I was cooking up chips LOL! I can’t remember exactly what one of my friends said, but immediately the light switch turned off, followed immediately after by the television before they both turned back on one at a time. You could hear the light switch click as it went off. Very spooky!

Probably the scariest moment for me was the night I woke up after a nightmare. I was FULLY awake, but obviously not awake enough to remember my sister (who I shared a bedroom with, we had two single beds side-by-side) had gone to stay at a friend’s place, and wasn’t there. I could hear her groaning and tossing in her bed next to me. I said, “Did you have a nightmare too?” And in a sudden moment of sickening clarity I realized she wasn’t there. I remember hearing a buzzing in my ears, pretty sure I flaked out, and just being aware of a dark presence in the room with me. I didn’t breathe, didn’t move for a long time, I could feel I wasn’t alone. It took a lot of courage to get out of bed, scrabbling for the door handle in the dark (too scared to put light on the subject) and feeling ‘it’ behind me. When I got out of there and into my mum’s bedroom there was a massive noise behind me, like a thunder clap.

Aside from the fact I left behind some wonderful friends, I sure wasn’t sad when my parents eventually moved out of that house. I’m only glad whatever was there never followed us!!!

Mel Teshco lives on small acreage in Sth East QLD with four cats, two horses and one Belgium Shepherd with hyperactivity problems. She loves paranormal romance, but loves to read anything well-written and un-put-downable. You can find her mostly at her blog but she has also found herself becoming addicted to Facebook. 


Her latest release, Lusting the Enemy is out now.


  1. Wow, Mel, I've got goosebumps. What a spooky house. Glad you got out of there.

  2. I'm with Eleni....goosebumps. That's totally freaky.