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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Enchanted Orb - Mel Tescho and the Moments

Inspiration - it differs from one writer to another. Please welcome author Mel Tescho.

Take it away, Mel.

Thanks for inviting me to Enchanted Orb, so great to be here *smiles*

Inspiration for me as a writer comes in many forms, found most often in the simple, every day and innocuous moments.

~ Lifelong Romance.

When I fondly reminisce how my grandparents (Nan and Pop) used to hold hands as they watched television in their side-by-side armchairs .
…Theirs could have well been an epic love story.

~ Manners of Yesteryear.

Seeing a tough young man open the door for a woman he doesn’t know, or giving up a seat on the bus for a pregnant woman.
…Perhaps a hero from the wrong side of the tracks?

~Love without saying the words.

The husband who watches the children or makes dinner while the wife writes.
…My favorite hero for obvious reasons. This one is my husband, my knight in shining armor, but without the steed. Or the armor…

~Mother Nature.

The sun setting over a big rocky mountain or the deep blue-green ocean. The far desert sands and the babbling creek meandering around mossy rocks.
…A possible setting for my next book (and a peaceful place to think story ideas through)

~Life Experiences

A conglomeration of joy and sorrow, love and hurt, good times and bad. Everyone has had a different journey and learned different things.
…Outlook of characters from author’s perspective.


The joy of watching your children born, then their children. The pride at their accomplishments and the heartache at their struggles. The sorrow of a parent’s ageing body, the grief at a grandparent’s funeral.
…Learning to grasp those emotions, good and bad, and putting them into the written word.


  1. What a wonderful post, Mel. Truly inspiring. Sometimes it's so easy to forget or take for granted the things that really matter :-)

  2. Wow, I just love the way you've done this, Mel. Truly finding inspiration everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Christina, and thanks! =)

    And yes, agreed. It's the simple things we take for granted that so many other people don't have.

  4. Thanks Eleni. The simple things in life =))