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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's good news post....


Shona Husk
Two releases this week for Shona. You go, girl!

Brightwater Blood is available from today from Samhain Publishing

Sharing Sirius is available from Ellora's Cave from tomorrow.


Nicole Murphy
Damnation and Dames (which will feature one of Nicole's stories) has just released their cover. Pretty cool.

Maree Anderson
Here is the cover for Lighting Rider, Maree's upcoming release - designed by Maree's husband. Very striking!


Mel Teshco
Something Wicked This Way Comes gets a 5 star review from Romance Writers Reviews. Here's a snippet.

"Dragon Heat. Love the characters, and storyline. The story had a perfect amount of suspense that kept the story very interesting. This story takes you on a very different journey, and you just don’t know what will happen until the very end."

Congratulations everyone!

Join us next week for some more good news.

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