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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's good news....


Shona Husk
How to Breath Fire was a feature book over on the ARRA site. Here's a snippet of the review:

"Shona Husk creates a simplistic journey in the traditions of fantasy genre mixed with a traditional love story. This short story is sweet and captures the heroine’s strength in her belief of love. I found this story engaging and easy to read whilst maintaining the status quo of romance. It is a nice story; one to read when not wanting to get overly involved with characters or plot development. Quick, happy and leaves the reader with a smile that love eventually triumphs—just as it should!"

Mel Teshco
Something Wicked This Way Comes was given a great review by  USA Today. Here is a snippet about Mel's contribution, Dragon Heat.

"Tesho weaves an intriguing subplot of manipulation and betrayal into this short story, which I felt was extremely well-crafted. Grace and Benson must flee for their lives from a skilled, highly trained enemy who is bent on their capture for nefarious purposes. Readers can expect plenty of action sequences, a very seductive dragon shifter and hot love scenes."


Our Darksiders have done fantastically well in the ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association) Award nominations. I have a huge smile on my face for each and every one of you.

The winners will be announced at a dinner on 11th February. Good luck ladies!

Favourite paranormal romance for 2011 Goblin King / Shona Husk
Three Wishes / Jenny Schwartz

Favourite sci-fi, urban fantasy or futuristic romance for 2011 
Blood Cursed / Erica Hayes

Favourite short category romance for 2011
Promoted to Wife? / Paula Roe

Favourite erotic romance for 2011
Guilty as Sin / Denise Rossetti
Love, Lust and Lies / Cathleen Ross
The Lone Warrior / Denise Rossetti

Favourite Australian romance author of 2011 
Paula Roe


Join us next week for some more good news.

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  1. Wooo-eee, look at the nominees for ARRA - way to go Dark Siders! :-)