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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's good news...


Angela Castle
Claiming Claire is out TODAY with Whiskey Creek Press - Torrid.

Shona Husk
Dark Vow is out now from Carina Press. It is available in ebook format AND audio book. How cool is that.


Imogene Nix
The short story, Star of Ishtar, has been contracted to Secret Cravings. Its projected release is April 2012. It is loosely connected to the Warriors of the Elector series (taking place before the Elector is launched), its focus is on Grayson and Elara.


Jenny Schwartz
It's raining reviews for Wanted: One Scoundrel and A Clockwork Christmas (the anthology which includes Wanted: One Scoundrel).

A snippet From Tez Says:

"But even though Wanted: One Scoundrel is more historical than mechanised, I really enjoyed this. I’ve never before encountered a steampunk set in Australia, so the location here is easier for me to identify with, and a welcome change from the seemingly endless parades of English- and American-based corset-and-bustle dramas."

A snippet from Yahoo Network:

"I highly recommend A Clockwork Christmas for readers looking to explore the steampunk genre, those that already love the genre, and those that simply love great romance. The characters in each tale are well built, as are the worlds that they live in. Each of the included stories has a different feel, and a different setting, so there is a great feeling of variety and newness as you read. If the anthology sounds good, but you worry about the holiday settings because you do not celebrate Christmas or generally enjoy holiday related tales do not fear. Christmas plays a role mainly as a means to set the time of year, and as a backdrop for the weather, fairs, or general bustle found in the story. The season is not the focus of the tales, and these are not your traditional Christmas romance stories."

A snippet from the Library Journal:

"All four stories are enjoyable reads. Each addresses the holidays to varying degrees, but all are full of gears, inventions, and other identifiers of the steampunk genre."

Congratulations to you all.
Join us again next week for some good news.


  1. Great news everyone =)

    Thanks for compiling it all Eleni (and for keeping up with it all!)

  2. My pleasure, Mel. I love good news so it's fun!