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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magic Thursday: Inside the Brain of One Author

Sorry for my tardiness in getting this up today, I had to go somewhere unexpectedly first thing this morning and didn't have access to a computer.
That aside, the other day I was chatting to my mum about some new ideas I had. While I was blabbing away, I suddenly realized she was looking at me really strangely and I stop to ask her "What? Why are you looking at me like that?"
Her answer was something along the lines of "I just don't understand where you come up with all these ideas. Seriously, its like you're really…"
She trailed off, so I finished for her "Twisted? Totally crazy?"
Mum tactfully answered that she didn't want to put it that way, but that was the gist of it. She just couldn't comprehend how or where my ideas come from… Okay, so I might have been talking about shape-shifting aliens and inter-dimensional travel at the time, but come on, I'm not that nuts, right?
So I decided to do a little experiment where I noted down over the day what ideas and thoughts go through my head. A day like this is pretty typical for me:

7:00am Wake up thinking about a woman with some sort of powers. During the night I remember dreaming a scene with a spunky heroine. Think it might fit in with the fourth Sanctuary book, Sinner. I think the dream was about the heroine, Leandra. Anyway, I scribble that down in my notebook over breakfast.

7:30am While I'm having breakfast (well, what I manage to eat before the kids come along and help themselves to my brekky) since I'm noting down some things about Leandra, I also make a few notes about some powers or traits I want to give some demons and angels in up-coming Sanctuary books.

8:00am Get a quick email check in before hubby goes to work. Have a laugh over a blog, link posted by Kylie, about having dragons in your story. Wonder if I should write a story about dragons.

8:30am Hubby goes to work, time to entertain the kids. Put on a load of washing and think about that TV show I saw a while ago where someone drowned in their washing machine. Wonder if I can come up with an extra-inventive way to kill off a character next time I feel like it.

9:30am Got things to do in town, pack kids in car. While I'm driving, the song Feel by Robbie Williams comes on. Oddly enough, I've been hearing this song a lot lately and wonder if the Universe is trying to tell me something. Song after that is Wild at Heart by Birds of Tokyo. This song reminds me of Atrophy, my sci-fi romance I've been trying to sell to an agent or publisher. Wonder about current submissions and if I might hear back soon. Then I calculate how long I can wait until I email follow up letters. Then I wonder how much time Rian (one of the characters in Atrophy) will spend drunk in the next book I write. He's not an alcoholic, but he's skimming the lines with the way he likes to take the edge off so often.

11:00am Head home after finishing errands in town. Kids make me listen to Tik Tok by Keisha eight times in a row. Wonder why my four year old is so entertained by a song about binge drinking. After the 8th time, the CD gets switched to the radio and I hear "Janie's Got a Gun." Wonder what it would be like to actually shoot a gun since I make my characters do it all the time. Wonder if I went to the local rifle range, would someone give me a go at it and not think I'm a crazy person.

11:30am Kids go to bed for daytime sleep (WOOOO!!!) drop myself in front of the computer to do revisions on a sci-fi fantasy I'm about to re-submit to my editor, called Heart of the Warlord. Grumble over the fact that book is trying to make itself into a series. Two of the characters, Cael, Counte D'eivil, and Darcy, the Duque of Baeleigh, are tempting me with ideas for their stories. Make some notes and decide reluctantly that I will probably have to write their books as well.

1:30pm Kids are awake (sigh…) Organize lunch while considering a story about an archeologist who finds a gateway to another planet in a Mayan temple. Wonder if I can go to Dymocks and get the DVD of a show called Ancient Aliens I saw on SBS a few weeks back. It had a lot of interesting ideas about the fact ancient cultures were visited by aliens. Come up with a few more alien and other-planet type ideas. Wonder if I can twist any of them to fit Carina Press' sci-fi holiday submission thingy for 2012.

3:00pm Folding washing and suddenly hit with a brilliant idea about something that's going to happen between Drayke and Leandra in current WIP… I can't tell you what it is, because it'll be a big fat spoiler. Write it down in notebook and then make some notes about the fifth Sanctuary book, titled Scribe, and the hero Ethan, who is a Scribe Angel. Get annoyed at aforementioned angel because I wanted to do a different book next, about a demon bounty hunter named Kyran. Ethan's going to make me wait until book six to write Kyran's story. Yes, my characters are pushy when they want to be.

5:00pm Start making dinner when kids start complaining about being hungry. While I'm cooking, start thinking about two other ideas that are trying to grab my attention. Have made a start on both, but can't decide which to focus my attention on if things with Atrophy don't pan out. One is an urban fantasy about ghosts which is almost finished, but needs a lot of re-working. The other is a straight paranormal romance and have written 2 chapters, but the idea feels stronger and writing tighter.

6:30pm Dinner is done, hubby is home. Duck into study to check emails while kids get into bath. Resist downloading episodes of favorite shows on iTunes and check email. True Blood, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and my new obsession with Terra Nova to name a few of the temptations I have to resist.

7:30pm Kids are in bed (WOOOOO!!!) collapse in front of computer and get back to working on Heart of the Warlord revisions.

9:00pm Have done a couple of chapters and have had enough revisions for one day. Open Drayke and Leandra's story. After looking at Singularity edits earlier in the week, it had occurred to me I’d made a mistake in a scene of Sinner where Drayke and Leandra discuss something that happened in Singularity. Re-write part of the scene to correct it.

10:30pm Brain starting to fritz, eyes starting to droop. Drag myself off to bed. Lay awake for two hours while my brain won't shut up about aliens, ghosts, angels, demons, and other planets. Wish I could get a temporary brain transplant. Sleep. Brain still blabbing, but at least I'm not conscious. When I wake up in the morning, my head will still be stuffed full of too many things. 

I'm giving away two e-books today! A copy of Savior, novella and Sanctuary series spin-off, as well as a copy of the thrid book in the Sanctuary series, Singularity. Just leave me a quick comment to go into the draw!
Marc Andros saved the life of an angel. Now he's mystically bound to her until she can repay the act in kind. To make things more complicated, he's working for Archangel Michael. Not the kind of guy he thought would end up being his boss back when he was spending his days hunting the demons and angels plaguing the universe. And just because fate hasn't quite finished twisting him up, with the bond in place he and his angel can't be separated by too great a distance before they both experience an excruciating level of pain. They are literally. Stuck. Together.
Charmeine thought being bound to a human and forced to interact with him on a daily basis would be about the most tedious thing that had ever happened to her. But instead she finds herself fascinated by her apparent savior and constant companion. On a mission to retrieve a valuable sacred relic, Charmeine risks her life, drawing on a considerable amount of her supernatural energies to save Marc. That single act drains her powers to the point of turning her human and thrusts her into a position of doubt and uncertainty.
With enemies all over the universe and the demon king stepping up his offensive to systematically wipe out humans, Charmeine doesn't know who to trust. Will Marc help her if he knows the truth, or will he use her mortality against her to find a way out of their mystical bond? It's an impossible situation, and the wrong choice could mean death for both of them.


Cadmiel, the Angel of Destiny, knows better than anyone what a bitch fate can be. Five hundred years ago, the only woman he ever loved was killed, shredding his soul and leaving a void in place of his heart. Now Archangel Michael comes to him with a shocking and forbidden proposal. He wants Cadmiel to travel back in time and save Emilyn. Though Cadmiel wishes beyond all reasoning to do as the archangel asks, messing with time goes against his own beliefs and the very foundations of angel lore. But Michael doesn't give Cadmiel a choice and thrusts him through time and space, back to 2012.
The first time Emilyn saw the gorgeous man, she was affected on a level she couldn't comprehend. Cadmiel isn't like any other guy she's ever met, and he makes her wish love at first sight were true. But there are forces at work she never dreamed real. In the space of a day, she goes from normal, every-day college student, to a pawn in an apocalyptic war between angels and demons.
Emilyn's very life is in Cadmiel's hands. Will he risk the future of the entire universe to save her, or let her die and destroy himself in the process?


  1. Hi, Jess!
    Wow. Just reading about your day wore me out. Sounds kinda like mine, sans kids. And I don't have to cook. And...
    Well, maybe the similarities are kinda superficial. Anyway, great post! I'm looking forward to reading Singularity. (I already read Sanctuary ;) )

  2. Hey JS! Thanks for visiting us here down under.
    Yes, kids and cooking and all that tends to wear me out everyday... I guess I'm used to it!
    I'm glad you read Sanctuary. Be sure to catch Severance before you read Singularity. Although the books are independent and don't really need to be read in order, I guess it makes a little more sense if you read the second one before the third. LOL
    Good luck with the comp!

  3. Wow.....your brain must never stop....I am seriously in awe :)

    And I would love to read either should they come my way :)

  4. I don't know how anyone with young kids can find time to write. Well done on just making it to the computer!

  5. That's the problem Nicola, IT NEVER STOPS. Writing keeps me from becoming certifiable. LOL.
    Coleen, its hard with the kids, but not impossible. Makes me enjoy my alone time with my books even more.
    Thanks for stopping by, both of you, and good luck!

  6. I know what you mean but getting funny looks from family. Mention the word Steampunk around my family and I might as well be speaking and Alien Language.

  7. Hey Gemma,
    I might come up with some out-there stuff, but I haven't ventured into steampunk. Bet you get sick of trying to explain that one to people, LOL.

  8. That what was great about going to my first RWA Conference. People there understood what I was talking about and I even meet some other steampunk writers.

  9. Hi Jess, I've just spent the day running around and so reading your post made me want to collapse. Well done with writing when you have littlies. My brain is constantly working too--and my family is all used to me wanting to watch the 'weird' shows. :))

  10. I killed myself laughing with a lot of this post - ye gods, it was like being in my head, Jess!!!

    And as for the family's strange looks - sigh, I get that too from my parents and sister whenever I talk about my books/ideas/fascination for another SF/F/paranormal TV show or movie. It's like "where did we get this child/sibling from 'cause none of US are like this!"

    You had me in laughter-tears with the killer washing machine idea. O.M.G. I do this when I'm in town grocery shopping or at some boring training and development course - my mind wanders and I start playing what if...

    What a great post! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing and one day we might end up in the same padded cell together, Jess. Afraid we might never see the outside again...

  11. I could have closed my eyes and I would have been listening to my mum. LOL At least yours didn't ask 'Are you SURE that you are my child? You must have been switched at birth!' I encountered this frequently as a child - and as an adult. Even now my son gives me 'What planet are you on?' look when I try to discuss ideas with him. As for my daughter, she tunes out.

    Your mental gymnastics had me in stitches.

    I now realise that I am somewhere near 'writers' normal even though I sleep with a dictaphone by my bed, have at least two notebooks in my bag and many others scattered throughout the house and car.

    Just to let you into a well kept secret. WE ARE THE SANE ONES! It's the ones without imaginations that we have to watch out for.