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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Magic Thursday: Imagination

 photo courtesy of daughter, Shannon

I think it's fair to say that as a speculative fiction writer, having a great imagination is imperative. Needing to exercise that imagination, like any good muscle, makes us as authors/writers better equipped to deal with the worlds we build and the extraordinary characters and creatures who've come to inhabit our page.

While having a good imagination is stock standard for every author and all genres, creating an entire new world (world building) and making it believable with often un-wordly characters means having to flex our minds that extra nine yards; thinking outside the square.

As a bit of a dreamer as a child, my imagination is just fine. But I do suffer with a short attention span and have bouts of overwhelming tiredness (anyone without a thyroid will understand). Perhaps that's one of the reasons I enjoy writing shorter stories and novellas, and why I almost always (unless there is a deadline) have a good three of four stories on the boil at once -- my imagination never dries up and my creativity is never leashed. Having said that, I seriously admire anyone who can focus on one manuscript at a time and  finish it while other 'voices' or 'pictures' are jostling about in their heads, screaming to get out and have their own story.

So far I've written gargoyle characters, vampires, werewolves, dragons, aliens and shape-shifters -- as well as some contemporary, and now I'm looking to delve into some other creatures. Yes, the paranormal world is our oyster!
Anyone have any ideas for my next paranormal creature? I'm offering Galactic Burn or any book, either upcoming or back list, for someone who offers a suggestion.

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  1. Hi Mel!
    I think you should step it up a bit and do a book (or books) about some Gods. Pick a religion - ancient Norse (viking gods) greece, romans, native american, you could even go the way of wicca and look at the 'mother earth' type god. Think it could be a good subject.

  2. Hey Jess!

    Ooh, now that is one thing I just might baulk at!! LOL but great idea =)

  3. Mel, I was a dreamer as a kid too. My family still say I have my head in the clouds! I'm like you when it comes to the attention span - but in my case it's the CFS that does it. It really makes you work differently doesn't it.

    As what to work on next - How about one our sea creatures, Mel? Dolphins or Merfolk?

    You have to let us know what you come up with.

  4. Hey Eleni,

    it sure does (and we have to learn to say no, don't we!) LOL

    Merfolk has crossed my mind, the world building would be amazing I think.

  5. Hi Mel, What about a damned 'soul catcher' from the shadow realm who needs to collect just one more soul to take human form - but - the soul he has to take to do this is the one woman who he wants for become human for?

  6. Hiya Mel :)

    I'd say go with some of the tried and tested ways - like angels and demons, or bad girl heroines (like sirens, succubus) ;)

    The mer-folk is a great idea, Eleni. I had a couple of thoughts on it, but then.... umm..the other bedroom aspects of it - in water / outside..seemed a little tricky to me..LOL! Hence left the idea for now.

    3-4 stories at a time, Mel :) You rock ;) but it's great for rabid fans like us :p

    Ooh.. if I were to choose a book.. I'd definitely go for Gargoyle 3.. or the only book I don't have from your collection - Carnal moon ;) (A girl can dream, right?) ;)

  7. Hi Natasha!

    A soul catcher, oh I like that. From the shadow realm (shiver!) Not sure I could cope with that bit LOL!!

  8. Oh Ju,

    I do love a bit of a bad heroine *g*

    And thanks so much for your lovely words =)

  9. Hi Mel! I'm the opposite - I can only concentrate on one story at a time and admire those who can juggle writing three or four! I think my head would explode!!!

    I'd really like a romance where Medusa is the heroine and gets her own back on those who wronged her - honestly, I always think she got such a raw deal!!!

  10. Hey Christina!

    LOL - well we had to be opposite in something then (unlike our editing practises!)

    Ah, Medusa. It was a bit of a raw deal wasn't it. Imagine all those snakes, 24-7 LOL

  11. LOL Ju! Yes that can get interesting. i would have magic which makes them uh..human during the amorous times :))

    Natasha love the soul catcher idea.

  12. I'm the same way! I have a stack of folders with stories at various stages. It certainly keeps the mind sharp, eh?

    I've always loved the idea of Elementals. I totally watched the entire series of the Airbender cartoon series. Hehehe. However, my fascination goes back to reading about the Greek gods when I was a kid.

  13. Hi Jaime!
    Oh I really like that idea - and my daughter loved the airbender cartoon too, so I have a pretty good idea of where your fascination comes from =)