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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's good news....


Bec Skrabl
She's done it again - she's finaled in the paranormal section of the Georgia Romance Writers' Maggies competition. Good luck with the final result!

AND with Romance Writers of Australia contests

she came 3rd in the Valerie Parv and 1st with the Emerald!!

Michelle de Rooy
Yep, our other competition guru had a great weekend as well. At the Romance Writers of Australia conference, it was announced she came: 2nd in the Emerald and 1st with the Valerie Parv.

Talk about balancing each other out you two!!

S.E. Gilchrist
And we have another darks side take out the 3rd place in the Emerald - S.E.!!!


Mel Teshco
Here's the cover to the Something Wicked This Way Comes anthology.

& Releases

Maree Anderson

The Crystal Warrior in it's first incarnation won the RWNZ Clendon Award a few years back, but has been recently rewritten to give the hero his own point of view...because Wulf demanded it. It is the first book in a series of paranormal romances based around the Crystal Warriros. The second, Ruby's Dream, and the third, Jade's Choice, were also Clendon Award finalists.

The Crystal Warrior is now available from Smashwords (it will be on Amazon soon).  Here's the blurb:

“She’s a dancer, and the most important thing in her life right now is insuring the success of her new dance studio. He’s an alien Crystal Warrior with one big-ass curse hanging over him. In a moment of weakness she lets him seduce her. Now they’re magically bonded and his life is in her hands.”

You can an excerpt here.



Lilliana Rose
The poem,  The Meeting was published in The Canberra Times on the weekend of 6/7 August. 


Erica Hayes
Erica has sold a new series! She has a two book contract for a new paranormal romance/urban fantasy series, about angels and demons and the end of the world, from Leis Pederson at Berkley. Book 1 has a scheduled Fall 2012 release. 


Shona Husk
Here's a  great review of the The Goblin King from Sexy Women Read.

"I loved the Goblin King, but man did I ever sob my heart out. It was just so touching there was no way I couldn't not cry. The characters were amazing, the story line brilliant, and the ending was beautiful.

Roan (the Goblin King) is just, simply put, amazing. He is one of those characters that I will probably never forget. (You know you all have favorites just like I do!) Eliza, our heroin, is pretty snazzy too. She needed help when she was younger, and there was Roan. Years later, all grown up, she still hasn't forgotten about him. And, when she needs help again, Roan comes to her aid.
I love story lines like this. The kind that are so emotional; the kind that makes you empathise completely because it seems like you are right there with them. The ones where the guy is always right there but all the while has his own wounds to heal.
I loved this book. And, the cover wasn't too harsh on the eyes either! ; ) "

What a bumper of a week. 
Fabulous news - congratulations to you all. 
More good news next week. 


  1. Note: I've updated to show the information about S.E. My apologies S.E. So glad to see our Dark Siders got 1, 2, 3rd in the Emerald!

  2. Hoo-yah, on our DSDU girls taking out the Emerald:ST placings!!! How is that, eh?

    And what a swag of good news from everyone else! Our writers rock! Looking forward to cathcing up with our NZ DSDU'ers this weekend (But honestly, you didn't need to put on the snowy, cold weather! Brrr!).