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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Magic Thursday: For Your Eyes Only...

Unfortunately, no give-away today (golly-gosh-darn it!) but definitely a bit of light-hearted fun, gentle readers.

The upside is that you get to look at a swag of hot guys...and they get to look at you!

I've chosen 11 pairs of eyes - all belonging to actors in movies with a paranormal slant - sci-fi, fantasy, futuristic, UF etc.

All you have to do is identify the actor or character/movie they belong to. Some are a tad easier than others, as you'll see (heh, heh!).

Answers are at the bottom of the post. How well did you go? Do you know these eyes by sight?

Actor A

Actor B
Actor C

Actor D

Actor E

Actor F
Actor G

Actor H
Actor I

Actor J
Actor K

A. Hugh Jackman (The Fountain)
B. Brad Pitt/Achilles (Troy)
C. Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing)
D. Andy Whitfield/Spartacus
E. Eric Bana/Nero (Star Trek)
F. Sam Worthington/Marcus (Terminator Salvation)
G. Hugh Jackman (yeah, I have a thing for Hugh, I know...)
H. Sam Worthington/ Jake Sully (Avatar)
I. Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
J. Chris Pine/James T.Kirk (Star Trek)
K. Ioan Grufudd/Lancelot (King Arthur)


  1. I did BAD at this!!! To start with I thought answer A was Edward from Twilight! I did get Sam for Avatar though - if I'd got that wrong... LOL!!

  2. Yeah, Mel, if ANYONE get's Sam W./Jake Sully wrong I would really start to worry! LOL :-)

  3. I got Hugh and Johnny Depp - and Sam, of course. The blue gave it away. ;)

  4. Thanks for the fun, Kylie.

    I didn't get D and J. I thought, 'I know you, but who are you again?' And when I saw the names, it was a head slap moment. :))