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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's Good News....


Mel Teshco
Moon Thrall received a 4 hoot good review from Nocturne Romance Reads.

"At the start of Moon Thrall, I didn’t like Elyse’s character. She was weak, and way too cautious, but after reading more, all that faded away. Anyone would have acted the way Elyse had if they had been trapped under Caleb Marsden, Elyse’s ex-fiancé, for the past five years.
Once Elyse changes into a werewolf for the first time, and meets Dane, there is no slowing this book down. I was amazed by Elyse’s transition, how she gave herself over to her animal instincts emotionally, physically, mentally, and sexually. Moon Thrall is a fun ride through the Australian Outback you will not soon forget."

H.C. Brown
Gabrielle over at The Romance Studio, gave Hawke's Purr-fect Seduction, 5 lovehearts.

"Hawke is a prince of the Knight Watch who finds his mate at the latest Scenting but she is determined to refuse him. Lydia is part Fae and part Pride. She sees herself as deformed and no matter how much she craves to be with Hawke she will not disgrace him. When their land is attacked, Hawke must fight to protect their people but when he is captured Lydia must decide if she is willing to follow her head or her heart. Can Lydia save Hawke before it is too late or will she run and hide? I love the princes of the Knight Watch and Hawke is one of my favourites. I am so glad he found his mate and got his story told. Hawke is a great man who loves with all his heart. He cares for everyone and will do anything to protect them and when he finds Lydia he will stop at nothing to claim her. Lydia loves just as strongly and is a fierce woman that just needs a bit of faith and courage and Hawke is just the man to give it to her. The two make a beautiful couple. Add in Nox the king of the Fae and the couple becomes a ménage that is full of love and emotion that no one can tear apart. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship develop not only between Hawke and Lydia but also with Nox. Each character stands strong on their own but together they are a wonderful unit.
H. C. Brown pulls the reader into the wondrous world of the Prides and the Fae in this book. I was hooked right from the start of this story and kept turning the pages to see what would happen next. I cannot wait to see which of the princes will be next to find his mate."


Bec Skrabl
Bec won the Winter Rose paranormal category

Naming series

Amanda Ashby
The mid-grade books will have the series name, Sophie's Mixed-Up Magic. It will begin with Wishful Thinking.


Nicole E. Sheridan
The latest Metior magazine (issue 3) is now out throughout Perth, with Nicola's column From Battle Axes to Bodice Rippers. 

Keri Arthur
Mercy Burns, book two of the Myth and Magic series, is out in Australia!

Jenny Schwartz
The third novella in the Out of the Bottle series, Three Wishes, was released on May 23rd.

New York Times

Keri Arthur
Mercy Burns hit the NYT extended list at 21 in it's first week out. Yep, that's just one off the main list. And was at 24 for a second week.


Nicole Murphy
Here's another lovely cover for Nicole's third book in The Dream of Asarlai series, Rogue Gadda

(Psst... Nicole will be here next week on Magic Thursday, with a copy to giveaway)


Congratulations, everyone!
I love seeing the good news come in. See you next week with some more.


  1. So much good news! I think this blog must be a good luck charm :) Congrats, all!

  2. Wonderful lot of news. And thanks again for posting Eleni.
    Congrats Jenny and everyone =)

  3. LOL, Jenny, I do hope it's a good luck charm for all our DarkSiders.

    It's my pleasure, Mel. Love spreading the good news. :))