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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's good news post.


Christina Phillips 
Captive, the second book in the Forbidden series is out in the US today!!  Yay Christina!!

Maree Anderson
Scent of a Man is also being released today from Red Sage Publishing. What a great date!

Denise Rossetti
The mass market edition of Thief of Life is out this week.  Love the bolder typeface!

David Gemell Award Nominations

Rowena Cory Daniells
The King's Bastard has been nominated in the David Gemell LEGEND Award for Fantasy!! Fantastic job Rowena.

To vote for Rowena's book, please go here.

And not only that but the gorgeous cover designed by Clint Langley has also been nominated for the RAVENHEART - the Award for best Fantasy Book Jacket/artist. 

You can vote for Clint's cover here.


Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Single Title
Michelle de Rooy (with TWO manuscripts)
Fiona Gregory
Bec Skrabl

have made it to round 2 of this competition. We wish them DarkSider luck to get to the finals!!

Congratulations ladies!!

Come back next Tuesday for some more Good News!!


  1. Sorry, deleted post as I didn't finish it!
    Congrats ladies on the new releases (which look fab!!) and the round 2 finalists of the Emerald comp!

  2. No worries Mel, I've deleted it for you.

    I know it's a great week at the Dark Side isn't it!!

  3. congrats to everyone on the releases! Can't wait to read them!!!