2017 covers

The Black Tide
The Black Tide
Cloud Door
Fate in the Sun
Chasing Taz
Silver Reaper
The Starman's Arrival
Ashes Reborn
Beta’s Mark
Secrets at Wongan Creek
Freeman's Choice
Blood Chance
The Years of Voyage
Just a Dinosaur
Necessary Alpha
Fighting Mac
Taken by the Desert Sheikh
Alien Resistance
The Stars to Guide

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coming up in 2011

Keep an eye out for releases by the Dark Siders in 2011


  1. What an awesome slide show! and the covers are wow! (too many exclamation marks, I know, but so impressed)

  2. great covers! Makes me all warm and tingly .

  3. Wow, this is awesome! What a great bunch to add to the must-read pile. And gosh our web-mistress is a talented lady with these widgets and slide-shows -- thanks, Eleni!

  4. Looking forward to reading all these books!

  5. It was fun doing this. I love seeing all the covers and looking forward to their releases.